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Life in Tokyo A quick mix put together with a few new productions (and other tracks that I really like these days).

Fans of old school Electro, new school Electro, Deep House and 80s Rock: rejoice, for it is all in there (and more).

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Update [June 1st, 2014]: new, extended, version, with better edits of my tracks.

Older mixes here.

Finally getting around to uploading this small compilation of bouncy jazzy electroswingy tracks I patched together for some party last year:

ElectroSwing Mix:

[download link]

It’s been forever since the last mix, but I am a few weeks away from freedom and unprecedented amounts of free time… So fingers crossed: I might even resume playing with my home studio (it’s somewhere around number 4 or 5 on my To-do-list-of-freedom, just after sleeping and eating a normal meal).

A small electro-ish mix, put together over the weekend, while playing with my brand new scs.3m digital mixer (an absolutely brilliant little tool)… Still getting used to the new controller: definitely room for improvement there, but I haven’t recorded or posted anything in ages, so here goes…

Goodbye Horses:
[download link]

As usual, all previous mixes are still there. If you like the style of this mix, you might also like this one. If you don’t: sod off there are a lot of other styles on the mix page.

Things are starting to wind down a bit.

Of course, I still have a paper deadline for Friday and about 120 hours of sleep to catch up, but that’s what we call low season around here.

To celebrate, and because there’s only so many days in a row one can justify spending in bed (no matter how good the reasons or convincing the company), I hereby introduce:

Dr Dave’s Eat to the Bleep mix of 2008!

[direct download link]

Don’t look for soothing deep house beats this time around: it’s all moody bleeps, 808 galore and punkish overtones. This is the Sound of Tomorrow, people (which is coincidentally just like the Sound of Yesterday, only with better electronics and more post-modern irony).

Also, this is my first time, ever, mixing entirely in digital format, only using, for lack of better options, my trusty laptop and FastTrack Pro M-Audio box. The result is neither as fun nor as satisfying as a nice pair of decks, but certainly better than nothing (hopefully). Since I still haven’t purchased a new MIDI keyboard either (ohh, grand ambitions of renewed artistic endeavours from last September, where hast thou gone?), there is practically no additional productions to speak of.

PS: if you missed previous installments of the collection (including the less electro-ish ones), they can all be found, neatly labeled and sorted by bleepy type on the mix repository page.

PPS: for those looking for a deepy-house fix, I can’t recommend enough Fleep-san’s near-monthly delivery of such.

Time for another music quizz…

While the last one was all about unearthing hidden samples, we are doing things a bit differently this time:

All track excerpts below are full on covers, rather than mere remixes of the originals. Styles of both original material and covers run across a very large span, so you all have a chance, no matter what your tastes veer to. We got a fairly even spread across rock, folk, house and electro. Often both between either version of a track.

Rules are simple: original song title and interpret gets you 1 point, cover artist gets you another. DO NOT post your answers in the comment area below, but use the contact form instead.

Results and name of lucky winner of a surprise worthless gift will be announced next weekend.

The tracks:

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On my way to work this morning, it downed on me that what the world so desperately needs right now is yet another Human League electro remix, and that I may be the ideal candidate for the task.

Unfortunately, my project-manager, on the other hand, seems to think that what the world desperately needs, is another 3000 lines of code by Monday and that, incidentally, I am the ideal, if not only, candidate for the task.

I think I may be a sell-out.

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