Eat to the Bleep

Things are starting to wind down a bit.

Of course, I still have a paper deadline for Friday and about 120 hours of sleep to catch up, but that’s what we call low season around here.

To celebrate, and because there’s only so many days in a row one can justify spending in bed (no matter how good the reasons or convincing the company), I hereby introduce:

Dr Dave’s Eat to the Bleep mix of 2008!

[direct download link]

Don’t look for soothing deep house beats this time around: it’s all moody bleeps, 808 galore and punkish overtones. This is the Sound of Tomorrow, people (which is coincidentally just like the Sound of Yesterday, only with better electronics and more post-modern irony).

Also, this is my first time, ever, mixing entirely in digital format, only using, for lack of better options, my trusty laptop and FastTrack Pro M-Audio box. The result is neither as fun nor as satisfying as a nice pair of decks, but certainly better than nothing (hopefully). Since I still haven’t purchased a new MIDI keyboard either (ohh, grand ambitions of renewed artistic endeavours from last September, where hast thou gone?), there is practically no additional productions to speak of.

PS: if you missed previous installments of the collection (including the less electro-ish ones), they can all be found, neatly labeled and sorted by bleepy type on the mix repository page.

PPS: for those looking for a deepy-house fix, I can’t recommend enough Fleep-san’s near-monthly delivery of such.

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  1. fleep-san: Thanks! this one has long been downloaded here (I think I saw the link on mixi)… wasn’t sure if it was meant for public consumption yet.
    I loved it (got some of my favourite Misia remix and Ibadan tracks). And since I’m at it, do you happen to have a tracklisting somewhere or could you ID one for me: around 1:21:20 (a retro-electro sound, just after a deeper, Trentemoller-ish track)…
    Cheers and looking forward to hear one of your set live this Summer in Tokyo!

  2. Ooops. sorry for the lag in replying:

    Timothy: unfortunately, not very likely… half because I’m a lazy sod, half because I’d rather avoid attracting too many straight mp3-googlers to this page…
    But if you have a particular track(s) you want IDed, just sent me their cue times and I’ll be more than happy to oblige…

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