ElectroSwing Mix

Finally getting around to uploading this small compilation of bouncy jazzy electroswingy tracks I patched together for some party last year:

ElectroSwing Mix:

[download link]

It’s been forever since the last mix, but I am a few weeks away from freedom and unprecedented amounts of free time… So fingers crossed: I might even resume playing with my home studio (it’s somewhere around number 4 or 5 on my To-do-list-of-freedom, just after sleeping and eating a normal meal).


  1. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, a detailed tracklist is even less likely than usual: this was put together quick-n-dirty, over a month ago: I barely even remember what artists are on it, much less which tracks…

    From memory, if you like the stuff in there, I’d recommend checking out: St Germain, Club des Belugas, Parov Stellar, Caravan Palace, Matthew Herbert & Africanism… Sorry I can’t remember more, but if you liked the mix, you’ll probably like most of these guys’ stuff…

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