Covered in Music Quiz

Time for another music quizz…

While the last one was all about unearthing hidden samples, we are doing things a bit differently this time:

All track excerpts below are full on covers, rather than mere remixes of the originals. Styles of both original material and covers run across a very large span, so you all have a chance, no matter what your tastes veer to. We got a fairly even spread across rock, folk, house and electro. Often both between either version of a track.

Rules are simple: original song title and interpret gets you 1 point, cover artist gets you another. DO NOT post your answers in the comment area below, but use the contact form instead.

Results and name of lucky winner of a surprise worthless gift will be announced next weekend.

The tracks:

Update 01/05/07: Results have finally been posted here. Thanks for playing !

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  1. Well this one is gonna drive me crazy for a week. I got 4 original song titles and artists but no idea who’s covering them, another 2 are on the tip of my tongue – pretty sure I know the original artists but can’t remember which songs they are, and the other 4 – well, fuck me. I have NO IDEA who did ’em! But I will keep listening, I’m sure they’ll start to register with every new listen. This is fun.

  2. Dear Dave,

    I’m afraid I won’t be as knowledgeable as I’ve proven myself to be through your
    previous quizzes 🙁

    Let’s begin with basic facts: I have no idea what 3, 4, 6 8, 9 and 10 are
    about. Be it originals or covers. No clue whatsoever. I’m afraid I won’t be
    able to claim the “surprise worthless gift”, even though, if memory serves me
    well, you still owe me a lait-fraise:)

    However, I might have figured out some of the originals, even if I remain
    totally ignorant of the covers, and I can’t be bothered to check
    I don’t want to cheat through Google:

    1)I was made for loving you – Kiss
    2)je t’aime (moi non plus) – Gainsbourg
    5) Kraftwerk (Can’t remember the title 🙁
    7 – Les feuilles mortes – Yves Montand

    Yep… 3,5 out of 10… More like 7 out of 20, if I understood the
    original/cover pairs we had to find out… Not very proud of myself, here 🙁

    Did you consider offering any consolation prize ?


  3. Plage 1 :
    Version originale :
    Kiss – I was made for loving you
    Version reprise par Queen of Japan

    Plage 2 :
    Version originale :
    Je t’aime, moi, non plus – Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot
    Version reprise par Miss Kittin & The hacker

    Plage 3 :
    Version originale :
    Strings Of Life – Rhythim Is Rhythim
    Version reprise par Williams Fairey Band

    Plage 4 :
    Version originale :
    I wanna be your dog – The stooges
    Version reprise par Dakar & Grinser

    Plage 5 :
    Version originale :
    Radioactivity – Kraftwerk
    Version reprise par Señor Coconut

    Plage 6 :
    Version originale :
    Version reprise par ?

    Plage 7 :
    Version originale :
    La chanson de Prévert – Serge Gainsbourg
    Version reprise par Kaho Minami

    Plage 8 :
    Version originale :
    Cat scratch fever – Ted Nuggent
    Version reprise par Moog Cookbook

    Plage 9 :
    Version originale :
    Version reprise par ?

    Plage 10 :
    Version originale :
    A guy called gerald – Voodoo Ray
    Version reprise par Williams Fairey Band

  4. Quick bash this morning before work. Some of my answers will no doubt give you a
    good laugh, but as I always told my students, whenever possible, it’s better to
    hazard a guess than leave it blank.

    1a Kiss – I was made for loving you
    1b Queen of Japan

    2a Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je t’aime, moi non plus
    2b Brian Molko & Asia Argento

    3a Rhythim is Rhythim – Strings of Life
    3b Williams Fairey Brass Band

    4a New Order – Blue Monday
    4b From As Heard on Radio Soulwax?

    5a Emil Richards or Cal Tjader with Perez Prado (shouts at 12s) and the Tito
    Puente Orchestra(?!) –

    5b ?

    6a Underworld – Born Slippy.NUXX
    6b ?

    7a Gainsbourg – Les feuilles mortes
    7b Kaho Minami

    8a Amii Stewart (first by Eddie Floyd) – Knock on Wood
    8b Soulwax

    9a Gary Numan – Cars
    9b Beuh …

    10a Voodoo Ray – A Guy Called Gerald
    10b Williams Fairey Brass Band

  5. de d dum du, in cars de dum, d’ dum
    je t’aime.
    the rest sound like kraftwerk fucking crash bandicoot.
    you claim they are stylistically variant. in there original maybe. the covers
    all sound like a nippon-o-fetishist’s-electro-love-fest.

    i congratulate you.

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