Scotty, we need more productivity…

This just in from our stating-the-obvious department: this blog will undergo a severe slow-down for the month (that is, the month already nearing its end and the slow-down now ongoing for a good three weeks already).

Computer failures, livelihood-earning work, research projects, assignments, sleep deprivation, final exams and overall the sad realities of the M.Sc.’s student life crashing into my own, theretofore much happier, shiny rosy reality… are all to blame for this sudden interruption. Expect some improvement at the end of next week, if I make it this far.

PS: and sorry for leaving last month’s quizz out to dry. I swear I’ll post the results as soon as I’m back among the living.


  1. good luck during your last week of exams! let us know when you have emerged from your post-craziness 48-hour sleep session.

  2. Dr. Dave: How did comment #2 above make it through your SpamKarma defense? Or, are you acquainted with people peddling Moldovian Brides? If so, this must be that dark, dangerous MI6 side of you that makes you travel internationally, carry multiple passports, all the time on errands for Queen and Country….

  3. [regarding now defunct homemade spam’s short bout of existence in the above comment area]

    Felix: Please don’t you be dissing on these fine Moldavian Bride peddling folks. The only reason I allowed their advertisement through was the important discount they gave me on their services. I just can’t resist a good deal.

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