Covered in Music Quiz: the Results !

Look what I found, while cleaning up and putting the place back into shape for 2007: last year’s Music Quizz long due results !

Overall, all of them were found, which goes to show they weren’t that hard, though not one person had them all, so perhaps they weren’t that easy…

And so it went:

I was made for loving you

Originally sung by Kiss (big hair, yay !):

turned into an electroclash underground hit by Queen of Japan:

Je t’aime, moi non plus

Ultimate 60’s make-out song, by Serge Gainsbourg with wife Jane Birkin providing the orgasmic background (the original take featured Brigitte Bardot’s, who refused to let it be released):

covered, appropriately enough, by French electro wizz-girl Miss Kittin and Sven Väth:

Strings of Life

Probably my favourite dance track of all times, Derrick May‘s seminal house anthem:

covered by the Williams Fairey Brass Band:

I wanna be your dog

Originally sung by Mr. Pop and his Stooges friends:

This song has been covered so many times it was hard to make a choice… Though in the end, how could one resist Futon‘s electro version, sung in Thai & Japanese?

Radio Activity

Kudos to anybody who’d recognize Kraftwerk’s brand of German proto-electro:

… in Señor Coconut’s awesomely cheeky Latin beat version thereof:

Stranger in Moscow

I’m not particularly crazy for the original Michael Jackson song (actually, I am not crazy for any of his stuff not produced by Quincy Jones):
[Update 07/11/09: track offline to save my bandwidth, until the MJ fan hordes calm down…]

but Transformer di Roboter‘s sampling the Mac startup sound in their version was just too cool to pass (full mp3 on their site):

La Chanson de Prévert

Yep, this is another Gainsbourg, from yet another of his countless musical genre experimentations (if you are wondering why so many think he’s a genius: this is why):

Strangely enough, and despite straying dangerously close to bubblegum J-pop or cheesy French accordion territories, I kinda like Kaho Minami’s version. The track was released as part of on an entire album of Japanese covers of Gainsbourg’s songs.

Things that dreams are made of

I actually mentioned this Human League track on this blog once in the past:

I have really fond memories of brilliant San Francisco boat parties spent dancing like a madman on its cooler-than-pure-grade-colombian-blow instrumental version:


More Best-of-the-80’s tracks? Fine. If you’d listened at least a couple times to Gary Numan’s Cars:

then cool Belgian eletro-rock band Vive la Fête‘s Jalouse should have sounded awfully familiar to your ear:

Voodoo Ray

There are two types of people in the world: those who, upon hearing A guy called Gerald‘s infectious anthemic bleeping, start wiggle their arms rhythmically with a stupid grin on their face… and those who wonder aloud how this could be considered music in the first place… Pick your camp:

once again the Williams Fairey Acid Brass Band (they did an entire album of those. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard KLF’s What time is Love played by an authentic British brass band):

And now for the winner of an invaluable cup of coffee in the Parisian establishment of his choice:

Mr. Labosonic, hailing from Paris, whose pathological music nerdiness makes me feel better about my own, every time we meet, grabbed first place with close to 90% of all tracks (covers and originals)… Followed, I think by Ria and Lisbei, who each managed somewhere in the vicinity of 50%…
I posted the answers I got by mail in the comment area of the original post (a few others were received by other means and shall unfortunately be lost for the ages).

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