Stunted Artistic Endeavour

On my way to work this morning, it downed on me that what the world so desperately needs right now is yet another Human League electro remix, and that I may be the ideal candidate for the task.

Unfortunately, my project-manager, on the other hand, seems to think that what the world desperately needs, is another 3000 lines of code by Monday and that, incidentally, I am the ideal, if not only, candidate for the task.

I think I may be a sell-out.

Party candy for the week-end – Instrumental version (not mine), only listen at full volume in a dark and smokey room while wearing large sunglasses:

Extra party candy for the nostalgic crowd – Original version (not mine either, obviously):

To think that such unspeakable crap as Don’t you love me would share an album with this mindblowing piece of electro goodness…

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  1. neuro: Nah. it’s not mine. And I disagree… I think it’s one brilliant piece of electro (even if I think it could possibly be made even more brilliant: I, for one, would put back some of the vocals in, without toying with them too much). But yea, sunglasses-at-night electro is an acquired taste. 🙂

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