Should I officially freak out?

OK, here is one for the Agatha Christie crowd out there:

I come home after a long day at work (and at the pub) to a supposedly empty apartment.

There are three small, oddly shaped, puddles right in the middle of my living room and, although it has been raining today, I live on the 4th of 6th floors (that is: neither under the roof, nor potentially close to any heretofore undiscovered Parisian groundwater spring). The wallpaper-covered ceiling above said puddles shows no trace of humidity.


Can anyone please point me to an explanation that doesn’t involve an incontinent Siberian tiger breaking into my place during the afternoon and currently sleeping on my bed in the back?


  1. If the puddles are oddly-shaped, photo evidence would be of great help.

    Are the puddles of a thick gooey substance? Transparent?

    Perhaps it’s a portal to a small Japanese town in the year 2017, where some elderly woman has summoned you to help overthrow the world government and bring peace back to all the omnivores who don’t like seafood.

  2. Is there any chance the water fell off of you when you walked in but you didn’t realize it? You did say it had been raining.

  3. tecnogyk: this was considered, but seriously, the closest window was a good 5 ft away, the floor is not particularly skewed and there only was water in these spots, located roughly in the middle of the room.

    Daphne: that would be more like a goldfish first breaking in, then leaving, as I don’t really have one… But otherwise, yea, it would make perfect sense.

    sven: well, I usually try not to drink strange unknown water I find on my floors. But best I could see, it was odourless and colourless and very much water-like.

    Russel Allen: must have been hard.

    geoffe: I like your explanation, it’s the one making most sense so far. I did in fact take a picture, but it’s not showing very well… I’ll try to upload it tomorrow. The puddles are oddly shaped because there are basically lots of small dry holes in the middle. pretty much *as if* water had been raining from a very small region of the ceiling.

    Orchid: nah, I was mostly dry by the time I got home, didn’t have any object that may have brought so much water with it unbeknownst to me (umbrella or what not).

  4. It reminds me the mysterious bloodstains I once discovered on my cloths… Never found where it comes from.
    I also remember having a free shower in my kitchen the day my upper neighboor has to de-ice his fridge, but this solution might only applies in old crapy Marseille’s appartments and I doubt yours is as shitty as the one I got here.

    Another way of explanation must be found: did you interrogate the cat ?

  5. Is it conceivable that your room was quite warm and humid at some point (say, you had a few people over whose breathing increased temperature and humidity), then got cold, water condensed, the ceiling is somewhat convex, ie the middle of the room is the lowest point, and it dripped to the floor?

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