1. I’m sure it looks better with a link to the files…

    BTW, I got one of my guitars sent here. I’m sooooooo happy !


  2. Pied: The post didn’t have an embedded player displayed? (Before. I just updated it now with a different player and a direct link).

  3. I still see no embedded player (and I did turn noscript off). But I see the direct link.

    I like the intro, really enjoy around the 46’th minute (some chiptune’s cheap synth sound), 2’33’00 too has some nice old style riff à la chaussette noires.


  4. Pied: that’s because you need to step into the late 19th Century already and use a flash-enabled browser… 😛 There’s really no easy (and universal) way to enable sound without Flash nowadays.

    Also, not sure where 2′33′00 is in that mix…

  5. Hey Dave, this was about the only way I could think to contact you. Found your site through random links, and if I close the browser, I’ll never write this note, so. Do you have like a personal blog kinda thing? I’m mildly curious (and mostly procrastinating my grading); your casual knowledge of Japan seems to be sufficient to show that you are living (or once lived) there, but you seem to be working on a doc (possibly/probably of comp sci?), and these two facts are difficult to reconcile (either you’re working on it in Japan, or you’ve lived in Japan in the past … I think).

    Actually, I’m mostly pondering the possibility of putting a blog together and making a foray into the modern world of writing (the old ways of writing are slowly dying, one by one, like the tourists of Jurassic Park), and I was wondering if you had any stellar advice.

    Now I will grade.


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