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  1.  ★★★ Django is in da House: House, Django Reinhardt and old punk rock remixed [details]
  2.  ★ Watashi-no Namae-wa Aki : More House, tribal and disco flavors. Very clunky mixing. [details]
  3.  ★★ You know Frank Sinatra?: Lots of old sound, hip-hoppish House, Miss Kittin, Prince… [details]
  4.  ★★ 303 Lovefest: A bit harder than usual. Acid and technoish anthems. Underworld, Josh Wink etc. [details]
  5.  ★★ Ay Que Rico…: Pumping Latin House, Salsa, Cumbia, it’s all there with a thumping beat… [details]
  6.  ★★★ Full Swing: Back to the zany jazz house blend [details]
  7.  ★★ Da Electro Shit : 80s, electro, noisy, dirty… Mixed while heavily inebriated [details]
  8.  ★★★ Brown… James Brown : Funky, deep, saxy house. [details]
  9.  ★★ Music to do your drugs to: Another fairly hard-sounding one. Good for your work-out sessions too. [details]



  1. Dear Dr Dave,

    I hope you get these messages. I just want to tell you that you are awsome. I’ve just completed downloading about 10 of your mixes. I can’t believe what I have stumbled on…really, its like you’re plugged into my brain. Your musiccal variety is so extensive, I mean, Django and Les Rhythem Digitales….who knew? My mood music needs have been met. I am especially in love with the Caffinated mix and the NYE 2004 mix, also the Django/punk and the minimix III. I don’t know, they’re all good. If you do get this, and you feel up to e-mailing me back, could you tell me who does the “I like the way your booty shake” track. Thanks again for your transportive creations. Peace, R.

  2. Scott & L’Shalom Israel

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like it.

    The ‘shake you booty’ track is called “Le Magicien d’Os” by Ark (which I seem to recall is another name for some French producer, maybe Mr. Oizo, but don’t quote me on this).

    [edit] Err… I guess I was wrong… Not like I had the internet handy to check when I wrote that or anything…

  3. dear sir
    I am a music teacher on christmas I played wish you merry christmas song with acid beats
    every body liked it but I dont know where it was justified?

  4. Your mixes are tight but the Winamp tracklists are just scrolling through repeatedly… any chance you can tell me how to access them?

  5. Brandy
    Since I do not use Winamp, I’m not entirely sure what you mean here… Where do the mixes play and where don’t they?
    If you are looking for direct URL to the mp3 itself (when not already listed above), you can see it by opening the “.pls” file with any text editor (.pls files are merely a text file containing URL and title of each mix).
    Let me know if that doesn’t do it for you…

  6. hey there dave ! i like your mix’s 🙂 , ive downloaded your music and the minimix’s are awsome. specially Ay Que Rico ! thanks for offering that to everyone . ill check back see if u answer!

  7. Timothy:
    Unfortunately, I am afraid I won’t have time to put a proper tracklisting before some time. But if you tell me which track in particular, I will be happy to ID it. I used Traktor for the mixing. Also there are some extra details on the original blog post for this mix.

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