Mini Mix #8: Brown. James Brown…

A not-so-mini Mix to cap the series before it goes on a month-long hiatus (not like I have been very active on the music front recently anyway).

Since I’ll be away from my little home studio starting Friday, and busy as hell until then, there won’t be any opportunity for recording until I come back in October. Unless I end up being able to record one of my sets live somewhere, but I wouldn’t count on it too much.

This week’s mix is much longer than usual. Actually it doesn’t really fit the original “Mini Mix” guidelines… but do we care?

Also, I decided to make life easier on me, you and google, by adopting a “keyword” format for each mix… Not exactly a tracklisting, but as close as I care to go at the moment. I’ll be progressively adding this to older mixes too.

Keywords: deep, funk, jazz, afro, japanese house, sax orgy, Miles Davis, James Brown, Cricco Castelli, Charles Schillings, Femi Kuti, Dajae, Misia, François K…


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  2. Thank you for dinner last week.
    Have a safe trip my friend and look for ward to seeing you on your return. It is my turn to cook for you.

  3. This is awesome. 5 Star mix. It has 2 of my Favorite Artists of All time. Miles and James. Kudos this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve wanted to hear for quite some time.

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