Boss Coffee, Special Edition


So, let me just sum this one up for you:
This is coffee. in a can. sold under the brand name “boss”. whose logo is a guy with a hitleresque mustache and a pipe…
oh, and the rainbow, let’s not forget the rainbow!


  1. I always thought the Boss guy was more Hemingway-esque than Hitler-esque, but who knows. The designs are usually pretty stylish… he is the Boss Of Them All ™, afterall. The rainbow is definitely a change, though. Maybe Suntory is going after a new demographic. 😉

  2. Yea, I’ll grant you there is room for discussion.
    I wasn’t quite sure myself until I saw this other Boss ad last year, where a young model proudly tried different styles of fake Boss mustache (made respectively out of shaving foam, a toothbrush and god knows what else). And seen from upfront, this was definitely the signature adolph toothbrush mustache…
    Now, let me tell you: there are very few things weirder (rainbow-colored canned coffee included) than seeing, during your morning commute, an ad depicting young Japanese women with a fake Hitler mustache and a big smile, trying to sell you coffee…

  3. Ah, you’re right! I remember those — Hamasaki Ayumi, right? The toothbrush one was definitely Hitler-esque. ‘Twas disturbing, indeed.

    By the way, what kind of script do you use to enable to the comment preview? It’s neat.

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