Deep House Mix: Retrogressive Vol. 3

A little something to get your Friday night on…

Dr Dave’s Retrogressive Mix Vol. 3 (right-click here for download)

It’s been ages I haven’t done much, music-wise. I have actually been refusing a few jobs. Both for lack of time and motivation. Not that they were thoroughly uninteresting tracks, but it just felt like I would have had to force myself to do them, and if there’s one thing I am clear on, it’s that I never want this to become something I do half-heartedly. So I found it best to take a break, and incidentally didn’t touch a turntable in more than two months… Which hadn’t happened since I first ever started dabbling in electronic music (that’s quite long ago, if you must know).

But this week’s mostly nice weather inspired me (disregarding today’s depressing return of fog, mist and cold winds), and I needed a small break from coding, anyway. Hence one hour of delicious deep grooves with chunks of funkiness all over for your kind appreciation. Not an ounce of personal production this time, but lots of friends.

In light of the material and because I really like the result, this mix has been considered fit for the Retrogressive seal of approval, and shall therefore be Vol. 3 in the collection. It will probably warrant a second take in the days to come, but this one is OK for now.

While we are on the topic of music:

1) I finally created a dedicated static page with links to all my mp3 mixes available online. There’s quite a lot, as you can tell:

2) As pointed in 1), there is now a shitload of music files hosted on my servers. So much so, in fact, that I am running close to capacity. I should (and will) upgrade my account and get a much larger quota, but for now, a server move is just the last thing I need to take care of.
Which is why I’m hereby calling out to any kind soul who’s got some space freely available and could accomodate a few megs (ok, maybe a few gigs, or at least one gig) of legal music. I don’t even need a domain or anything, just a stable static IP address that I can point my .pls files to. A few generous folks have actually contacted me in the past offering to help me with hosting, but they were essentially referring to and other OSS-related projects (which aren’t a problem, since they are rather light on disk space), so I would feel bad taking advantage of these offers for my personal benefit.
I should also add that while I need lots of space, bandwidth isn’t really high: I can keep recent releases on my own server, and casual foot-traffic for older archived mp3s is very reasonable.

Many thanks in advance to anybody who can help…

stay funky everybody

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  1. Dave! I just want to say, “you are the man”! Your mixes are HOT! Nice song selections,
    smooth mixes… Count me as a fan. I heard a couple of off beats in some of the mixes
    but in all… you have skill. I will be checkin out you website mixes to relax when I get home
    and yes, I will tell my crew about your site. PEACE!!

  2. Chris:

    Thanks a lot for your support!
    That sort of stuff definitely makes it worth it…
    Unfortunately haven’t touched the decks much in a few months (not at all, lately), and very little prod work worth publishing either… But I’m sure I’ll be resuming soon enough once I’m done with other life stuff.
    In the meantime, you have probably seen it, but just in case, the complete mix list is here.


  3. Hi guys,I’m from South Africa.I just wanna say dt i enjoy listening to your mixes,but there is
    need for playlists.otherwise keep it up,u dnt knw how much u inspire us this side.nice one.

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