Mini Mix Pt. 3: Revenge of the Old School

I just made a very important discovery.

See, on my shared server web control panel, there is this little indicator that changes color to reflect the latest Terror Alert level, courtesy of Donald and his friends at the Homeland Sicherheit office. Or so I thought.
I mean, things had been pretty quiet for the past month: the bar remained a serene green and I had naturally assumed that terrorism had been eradicated from the face of earth, evil vanquished, all that… Except, about a week ago, the indicator suddenly went through yellow, orange, red to finally stop with an even brighter red. Not inching back to safer level thereafter.
I was starting to worry a little bit and considered contacting the SDF: tell them to get Godzilla ready. just in case, you know…

Well, it turns out my ISP did not put a terror level indicator on my control panel. According to some guy from their support, it is supposed to represent the amount of “free disk space” I got on my share. Free as in “free beer in your fridge”. Red meant, in essence, that I didn’t have any (space, not beer, please follow).

So the good news is that you can put these rolls of saran wrap back in your drawer and take grandma out of the anti-gaz-attack freezer: everybody is safe… for now…
The bad news is that this latest brilliant idea of mine has to be reconsidered, and the frequency of mp3 uploads slowed down a wee bit for now, lest we make that indicator go past its current red level, which can only be a bad thing, I assume.

Since running a public web server off my laptop at home is probably not a good idea (trust me, the poor thing already has quite a hard time coping with the heat and the crazy things I ask it to do), I am currently doing the round of all my lucky friends with nigh-unlimited disk space on their box to see if somebody can spare a few megs for the sake of this artistic endeavour.

In the meantime, I erased a few porn movies from my server and was able to make enough space for a new mix:

Dr Dave’s MiniMix #3 (right-click here for download)

Keywords: hip house, old school, Miss Kittin, Prince, sniffing in the VIP area, I like the way your booty shake…

I was feeling like a bit of change, so this mix is Old School (and I do mean Old. School). As a funny aside, that track with the proto-hip-hopping in the middle of the mix was labeled “hip house mix” and made in 1988 according to the sleeve (bought 10 years later on the East Coast if I remember correctly)… doesn’t make us feel any younger, all that.

Oh yea, special note to the soccer dads and hip mom amongst our loyal fanbase who like to play these mixes while driving their little ones to school: there are a few PG-13 elements in that mix. Though honestly, nothing they won’t know already from the Discovery Channel (or from these old issues of Playboy they found in your garage).

I was gonna forget: if the bass sound a bit muffled, it’s normal, that’s the benzocaine.
Oh wait. I took the benzocaine. never mind.
Might still sound a bit weird anyway.
Before you get any idea: benzocaine is an efficient pain inhibitor commonly found in these small toothpaste-like tubes of oral analgesic you can buy at Walgreen to treat mouth irritation (“toothache, cold sore, minor injury” it says). Works miracles on any severely scorched mouth (don’t ask) and brings a pleasurably mellow high as a nice side-effect.