What do they say about the dish of revenge again?

Picture CIMG1168.JPG … something about serving it cold while listening to 100 Watts of bass-heavy electroclash?

Guess what the French Post finally delivered to my doorstep this morning (don’t ever use their “48 hour” delivery service if you fancy seeing your stuff in less than two weeks)…

How ironic my brand new speakers should arrive on the morning following one of my dear neighbour’s bi-weekly all-nighter.

9:30 am couldn’t be too early to run a full sound-test, now could it?

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  1. revenge is best served really LOUD! 🙂

    Also a good day for drilling some holes and putting up some pictures that require nails 🙂

  2. I sooooooo hope you did that, and didnt just think it. I hope it was so loud they had to come and beg you to stop, and promised never to be loud bastards while they live near you ever again!

    (Gee, im going to make a great mediator, arent i… if youve got a problem, dish the problem back louder and harder til they give up!)

  3. Nacken: That was actually done a few weeks ago, before I got the stereo to go with it. Apparently not loud or early enough to send a clear message. Hence that day’s rejoicing.

    felix: Well, at the time, I reckon he was essentially sleeping. *then* he was awake and probably had a hangover.

    j-ster: you bet I did. To tell the truth, I was so excited to finally get a proper sound system (been playing music out of my laptop’s speakers for the past two months), that I really didn’t need much to convince me to try them immediately. The fact he had just had one of his “Let’s have 40 people howling at the top of their lungs until 5 in the morning”-party the night before, just meant that I got to run a full and extensive check of the sound-system. Started with some old-school Underworld to test the bass (and the walls), then had to push it up a bit for Josh Wink in order to evaluate the ultra-highs, played a few Jacqueline du Pré with Bach’s suites for cello, because really who doesn’t like cello at top volume in the morning, and finished it off with a one-hour mix of Miss Kittin: the one even I sometime think might be just *a tad* too heavy on the raw beat parts…

    Dunno if he got the message yet, but I sure wouldn’t mind repeating it whenever necessary 🙂

  4. If it were me, I would just crank up A.C./D.C.’s “Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof.” Howza ’bout AC/DC’s Highway to Hell for the second call. The third can be Guns and Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle. Then we can have Metallica with Enter the Sandman. We need two more really loud ones. Maybe Won’t Get Fooled Again by the Who. One more. Hmmmm. Have to think about it.

    Then set repeat, and volume on high, and then head out for a nice morning brunch at the local eatery. Give them an A.C./D.C. wake-up call.

    That oughta do it.

  5. Oh YEAH! I have done the same… you have to get some of the deep bass thump stuff to really check out the sub-woofer. It penetrates walls the best and even moves furniture in other rooms (apartments?) when you get into the 500+ watt range.
    I agree with the post suggesting Metallica – Enter The Sandman. Primo for this little experiment! Any AC-DC is good. How about “30 Days In The Hole” by Humble Pie. good head bangin stuff! “Inside Lookin Out”, the Grand Funk RailRoad version. Anything by Jimi Hendrix like “Purple Haze” played REAL LOUD should work too! When Jimi starts bendin the strings it penetrates! Try a little Steppenwolf “Born To Be Wild…” at about 130db… The WHO “Wont Get Fooled Again”, Van Halen “Jamie’s Cryin”, Led Zeppelin “Kashmir”, and then mellow them down with Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit”. Finish with Frank Zappa, “Stink Foot” to weird them out.

    When someone pisses me off I GET EVEN! Getting the idea that I am a classic rocker? 😉

    GO FOR IT!!!!

  6. “Dunno if he got the message yet, but I sure wouldn’t mind repeating it whenever necessary”

    Hahahaha. Awesome. =)

    My walls are thick brick, and we’re separated from the closest neighbor by a couple feet of concrete. I crank the hell out of my music all the time, and I’ve only had one complaint. =)

  7. Another good choice is some bagpipe music! REAL LOUD. I used it once to clear out a house full of really annoying drunks who would not take a hint and leave at 4 AM one time when we had a party. The …bbuuuurrrrr… drone note of the bagpipe seems to have a penetrating quality. This is not everyones cup of tea, but if someone started playing the pipes for me, I would stand and applaud, just not when I am trying to sleep. heh heh heh.

  8. It’s an old post but very ironic, because I’m doing similar right now. I’ve found that pushing speakers against heat ducts increases stopping power by a factor of 10.
    Current playlist includes:

    Richard Cheese – Apartif for Destruction (lounge covers of 90’s hits)
    The Red Army Chorus and Band – Every damn thing they’ve ever done.
    Dropkick Murphys – Do or Die/The Gangs all here
    The Real Mckenzies – 10,000 Shots
    HMS Pinnafore – the full soundtrack
    Physics lecture via I-Tunes – Eat Education Suckers!
    The Madness of King George Score – Who says you can’t get good base from classical?
    Scream’n Jay Hawkins – Best Version of I Shot the Sheriff – EVER!

    I employ a Classical Conditioning principle for loud neighbors – I turn my music up just louder than theirs. If they turn down their music, then I follow suit. If they turn it up then I do too. I also shift into even worse playlist combinations. This is all usually quite effective. The current idiots are apparently dumber than rats though – because it’s not working. So far the most effective weapon has been the audio from the physics classes.

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