Good to know

  • In Paris, Tokyo Lamen (40, rue Ste Anne, near Opera) looks and tastes considerably more like the real thing than the somewhat overrated Higuma (a block up in the same street).
  • Ramen and gyozas get two thumbs up, yakisoba wasn’t that convincing… but then again: who orders yakisoba in a ramen-ya? (an idiot, that’s who).
  • When experimenting with a new ramen place, always order the miso ramen: less chances for anything to go wrong than shoyu or other more delicate ramens (says Saeko).
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  1. Haha! So how did your neighbor take to your sweet sonic revenge at 9:30 in the am last time? People can be pretty inconsiderate sometimes, so I hope he got the point when you started blasting music back at him.

    As for that ramen a couple posts back, I know exactly what kind that is! (the really expensive kind for one, with an actual bit of chashu pork in a foil pack instead of a “meat flavored packet”. Someone’s got good taste!) Can I make a little confession? I never do the two steps of soaking the ramen then draining it (through that little perforated foil bit) then refilling it with hot water one more time – i just rip that little foil bit off, toss all the ingredients in there and then pour hot water once and let it soak. No muss, no fuss 😉

    Then again, at like 320 yen a bowl, I rarely get that ramen! For that price, I can go to an actual ramen shop! *laughs* Mmm… ramen… (guess I know where I’m going for lunch now…)

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