Neighbour’s Deathwish

It’s 1am here and I’m busy grinding an axe; that I shall be shortly using on my neighbour’s door, stereo and cranium. All in no particular order.

He just waits until I find that second hand sound-system. There is a stack of Acid House mixes here, dying to be played at full volume through a couple subwoofers stacked against the wall, facing his apartment.

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  1. Oh, do not be misled: in normal times, I love my neighbour as myself and all…

    What I don’t like however, is the sound of my entire wall pulsating to crappy classic rock tunes at two in the morning, four times a week. Only made worse by the upstairs neighbour banging on what he believes to be my neighbour’s apartment, but is in fact, my apartment.

    That and the fact that years of behaving exactly like this snotty bastard would now make me feel very stupid, was I to go and ask him to turn it down the way normal square people do.

    But he just waits: soon I’ll get my own stereo. And then it. is. on.

  2. LOL! Karma, Dr. Dave, Karma!

    Although what’s with the “crappy classic rock tunes” quote? Just be glad it’s not N.W.A.’s “Boyz In Tha Hood”…hmm…maybe you should play that one full blast when you’re ready to take “revenge.” Oh wait, revenge would be bad for your Karma. Lets just say, next time you’re ready to play some music with some major bass, N.W.A. should be kept in mind. 😉


  3. Square people just call the pigs, man! Thanks for your honesty when you pointed out that you used to act like that (“used to”: “rire sarcastique de ma part”). Remember Rich and SF.

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  6. HA! ok, I know i’m a year late reading this – but I need to know.. did the guy ever stop? (please offer me a shred of hope that these issues can be resolved peacably..)

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