Instant Ramen & Rocket Science

Initially, it sounded like an easier and less time-consuming alternative to ordering from the place downstairs.

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  1. Urchin: You know what, I get the feeling one based their assembling techniques on the other. The only major difference is that you rarely end up dying of starvation in front of a disassembled chipboard shelf.

    Nacken: Assuming I finally got the 30-step cooking instructions right (I think I did), it tastes somewhat-ok for dried-up food… Didn’t order it in, though (that was the other option): special delivery in a diplomatic suitcase.

  2. I agree with nacken. The most I can get around my area is crappy Americanized versions of ramen. But I do agree, those packages have more steps than putting together a grill to cook other things on 🙂

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