Retrogressive Vol. 3 – Second Take

A second, somewhat better, take of the Retrogressive Vol. 3 Mix. Same address, same music, better sound:

Only marginally better, but this time, no skipping CD track (and huge props to Ian for e-mailing me a clean version, less than two days after I sent him a begging email). The Timmy Regisford track still sound rather awful: after nearly taking my turntable apart, I was forced to conclude it was a shitty vinyl pressing (happens a lot with white label acetate pressings)… bah, we’ll say it adds to the authenticity….

Oh, and also: since it was recorded in faux-mono anyway (stupid mixing board issue + laziness from yours truly), I used single-channel mp3 encoding: freeing 30 much needed megs on my server drive, hopefully without noticeable difference in quality.

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  1. i really like the NYE mix you posted .. i was able to DL it while I was in Japan and had bandwidth / stable connection … can you post the file size and may tracklist with your mixes (i know, extra work) … if it is over 20 MB i will have a hard time downloading it through http (resume issue) … keep up the good work .. maybe i can download in a few weeks when I am in AU

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