Plugin Database Update (v. 1.2)

Update:: latest WPPM news are here (doesn’t affect

A new version of WP Plugins Manager with many, many new features…

Website Database

  • A “filter” function (advanced search to come soon).
  • More plugin meta-data and miscellaneous cosmetic changes (One-click installable plugins appear in green now).

A brand new RSS 2 Feed with every updates and new versions, straight from the DB!

But the most important improvements are not visible in the frontend, check out wp-plugin-mgr (temporarily taken offline, see note a the top) for the full experience (if you already installed it, just overwrite the old file with this one)

  • Now keeps track of all installed plugins (including those not in the DB).
  • “Filter” function.
  • Changelogs available for plugins that have been updated.
  • Lots of cosmetic changes and more metadata for each plugin.
  • One-Click Upgrade when a new version is available.
  • More and more plugins available through One-Click install (new options made available to developers make it easier for them).
  • One-Click install support plugin auto-configuration (no need to edit these source files manually anymore).

Read the FAQ for more details.

WP Users: help the DB grow, contact the developers of your favorite plugins and ask them about adding them into the DB (it only takes a few minutes), and recommend they take the extra time to provide a One-Click archive!

A lot fo new stuff for Plugin Developers in the Developer Backend tools:

  • More fields available, miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Added an “Updates” table (not entirely completed yet): currently allows you to provide a changelog when releasing new versions of your plugins.
  • Improved “One-Click Install” options: now lets you easily define a set of preferences that will be asked to the user at install time (no need for him to edit the files). Check out the detailed explanations in the Dev FAQ.

Note to all the WP Plugin Developers: Packaging your plugin to be One-Click installable is really easy, barely requires anything in most case, please take the extra time to do it, as it will ensure many more users are able to try your plugin.

Many more to come (feel free to post suggestions).

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  1. Having a strange problem with the buttons in the latest WP Plugin Manager. They all look fine, and the sites they’re pointing to show up in the status bar, and selecting them they “depress”, but absolutely nothing happens. I hold ctrl to make sure it’s not a popup block, and turn blockers off. I’ve tried this on IE6/XP SP2 and on IE6/Win2K. I also installed the latest Opera on the XPSP2 box with the same results, and I’m using the latest sun java machine on both systems. I get the same behavior whether I access your db here, or the local .php I load on my server. Everything looks great except the buttons don’t work. What on earth could be the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated, this app looks fantastic! Thanks!

  2. Just installed version 1.4.b on a Redhat 7.3 with php 4.1.2 and I get the following message repeating in what appears to be an endless loop:
    Warning: Wrong parameter count for fgets() in /home/david/fallingrock/david/wordpress/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 1147

    Any thoughts?

  3. Hi,
    I’m attempting to install WPPM 1.4 and I’m running WP 1.2.1. I copied the two files to their locations and I’m getting the following error:
    Warning: fopen( failed to open stream: Connection refused in /home/ionmedia/public_html/ja/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 1371
    Fatal Error: Couldn’t download file

    public_html/ja/ is the root location of my WP install. Are there special permissions that I should set to the file or folder?

    I think this plugin manager is a great idea… now if i could only get it to work…

  4. I’ve run into one issue: Database and Mgr. do not recognise version numbering outside an expected range (#.#) I use – have always used – R#.# (i.e. Release #.#) for version numbering. Unfortunately, in your tools this shows as 0.#.

    I’ve removed a plugin I had submitted because of this, but will be happy to resubmit if you begin to support a wider range of version numbering schemes.

  5. Re: Jon‘s comment above (for the benefit of others who could run into a similar problem)
    From our email exchange, it appears this is due to some strange PHP/Server configuration. If you run into the same error, you need to ensure that:
    1) allow_url_fopen is enabled on your PHP installed (it is enabled by default, but your admin might have disabled it).
    2) there are no protection on the server that would somehow prevent outgoing connections on certain ports (the WPPM needs to connect to other servers to retrieve the archives).

    Nearly everybody has different version numbering scheme. It is simply not feasible to use an open field for the version number, since the DB client and website need to be able to manipulate and compare these version numbers without ambiguities.
    But, for example, the format you describe, is nearly identical to what is currently in place:
    If you look carefully, you will notice that, under the version_major and version_minor fields, there is a menu to let you choose the release state of your plugin (ranging from alpha to stable). I picked “stable” as the final state rather than “release”, as this is what most similar systems use. But I’m open to discussion on that one and changing or adding a label to that field is doable.

    The essential is that, in the end, each plugin comes presented with all relevant metadata (and that these metadata are standardized in a way that makes them usable both by end-users and by DB tools).

    There will also be more work on WPPM’s interface to make use of these fields (e.g. only display plugins from a certain release status).

    But if you feel the current version numbering scheme leaves out any essential point, please give me your reasons and we can discuss them.

  6. On WordPress Plugins Database it says “Compatibility: WP 1.2 & WP 1.3” for WP Plugin Manager. If I’m not mistaken, there is no WP 1.3. There is a WP 1.5 in CVS. Can I assume that is what was meant?

    Also, in INSTALL_README!.txt, it says “IF you copy the plugin file (‘wp-plugin-mgr-plugin.php’) and are using WP 1.3, a new link will appear under the ‘Options’ menu in the Admin menu: clicking this link will take you directly to wp-plugin-mgr”.

    Again, there is no WP 1.3. I am using WP 1.5 and activated the plugin. It didn’t produce the new link “under the ‘Options’ menu” like I’d hoped it would. How do I get that link? Or, should I even be using this one-click installer with WP 1.5?

  7. hey, I just stumbled on your plugin manager, but one thing keeps me from using it: FTP. I have no FTP service running on my server, and I don’t intend to … 🙂
    isn’t it possible to do this entirely without FTP – just by, say, directly modifying the file system?


  8. I installed twice with both auto and manual methods the latest version 1.4 but after installation, I cant see anything on the page, but yeah while i do view source it have whole html code … strange!

  9. I have the same issue as above. I put the wp-plugin-mgr.php file in my WP root folder. When I load the page, it has the title WordPress Plugin Manager v 1.4 And the page is blank.
    It did create the plugin_manager directory in the wp_content folder and download some png files and a couple of others.
    The webpage though is blank. Though as Ashvin said, if you view the source, there is a ton of html.
    Not sure what happened. I have a fresh installed WP v 1.2.2
    I was really hoping to get the auto install plugin working as it would make things easier.
    Hopefully there will be a response or a post wih the reason why this is occuring.

    Just also wanted to comment on the great work and great site you have as well.

  10. Hello,

    Is there any reason that .css files are disallowed in plugins? I made my Spell Checker plugin compatible with the Plugin Manager, but unfortunately the .css file is disallowed and so the spell checker window that’s created is not formatted correctly.


  11. Hello Everybody,

    Here is a bit of update and a few answers:

    #11: Re. “1.3” and “1.5”… WP suddenly decided to skip versions and become “1.5”… didn’t have much time to update everywhere (I was pretty much expecting I would have time to see it coming, since not a month ago, “1.3” wasn’t even out of pre-alpha)… I’ll get around to fix it someday… in the meantime, consider “1.3” and “1.5” to be the same for all WPPM purpose.

    #14: Re. Workaround to avoid FTP. Alas, there isn’t much easy way to avoid using FTP (I’m not 100% happy with it either, but it was the best compromise. If you set ‘wp-content’ and ‘plugins’ to be writable by the server, you should be able to install most plugins (not those that require files outside of this folder, though).
    I would love to suport sftp, but to this day, PHP has no support for it AFAIK, therefore it’s pretty much impossible.

    #15, #16: Re. Blank page (on Safari, most likely) upon install: this has been fixed. Update (1.6) and you should be fine.

    #17: there was a reason. Not a very good one, but one. For security purposes, WPPM screens the list of extensions you can use. ‘css’ was stupidly omitted from this list: been fixed now.
    You just need to use the “Required WPPM version” field and enter “16” (for 1.6) to ensure only people with the newer version of WPPM see the one-click package.

    To all developers and people otherwise interested in contributing to WPPM:
    I am planning to put WPPM’s code on (a code repository site) soon and allow a team of devs to work on it: many great features are still missing because I simply do not have the time to spend on it these days. So if you feel like contributing a bit and have a decent grasp of PHP, contact me.
    I will also add a wiki to help consolidate the doc, so if anybody is interested in writing user or dev doc, that’d be awesome.

    Cheers Everyone!

  12. Could you put in the WPPM something that explains what the different colors mean on the specific plugins?

    Keep up the great work!

  13. I’ve noticed that the recent entries at display that they are compatible with v1.3. Is there any way to change this to v1.5 in order to avoid new user confusion?

  14. Is WPPM using PHP shorttags (i.e. <? … ?>)? Because I’ve disabled them on my server because I do a lot of XML development and PHP was getting mightily confused. But WPPM does not display correctly—e.g. the browser title bar contains PHP code and when I try to enter my FTP details the form is completely messed up, and cannot be submitted. Would it be possible to change all the processing instruction tags to <php? … ?>?

  15. P.S. Sorry for not closing that <strong> tag properly in my previous post.

    P.P.S. Having checked your code again, it isn’t short tags like <? ... ?> which are causing the problem but ones of the form <?= ... ?>.

  16. Hi there. Just installed last version of this plugin and I’m getting only a blank page when I tried to load the plugin manager page. Any ideas? I have both the plugin in the plugin folder and the mgr page in the root of the wordpress folder as instructed. It’s occuring in both Safari and Firefox.


  17. I’m doing a local install of WP to test plugins, themes, features, etc. I’m running Apache2 and PHP5 on a WinXP box. It’s a brand new install of WP (no imported database or anything). I installed the latest version of wp-plugin-mgr (it said 1.6 on the link, and it says v1.6.4 on my plugins page, but shows 1.4 on the wp-plugin-mgr.php page). It seemed to work at first, but whenever I try to one-click-install anything, it says the package does not contain a plugin file. Is the plugin compatible with PHP5? Is there something else that might be causing the problem? I have an older version of the manager working just fine on my remote host (running PHP4). I am 99.9% certain I installed everything correctly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Alternatively, just consider this feedback. It’s not working on this setup.


  18. Has anyone has permission issues? It seems I cannot edit the permissions set by plugins installed by plugin-manager. Specfically, I am trying to instal image headlines and I cannot edit the permissions at all yet I can to the other plugins in FTP. Thanks!

  19. I can’t do anything with the plugin_manager or wp-plugin-mgr-plugin folders. I’m trying to upgrade to WP 1.5, which requires me to delete these files…but I can’t do it. I get a “550 Could not delete .htaccess: Permission denied.” error message in my FTP program when I try to delete the plugin_manager folder. I get the same error message, just that it couldn’t delete the INSTALL_README!.txt (must have uploaded that by accident) instead, when I try to delete the wp-plugin-mgr-plugin directory.

    A friend of mine tried deleting it, but it didn’t work for her, either. I’ve also tried deleting it through the filemanager in CPanel, but neither will it work. What on earth is going on?

  20. I guess there’s no way to get around an ‘exec() has been disabled for security reasons’ error? At the very least the plugin gives a great index of the availible plugins for WordPress, and allows me to install them manually. Good stuff!

  21. I get Warning: ini_set(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module’s ini settings at this time. in /home/alltid/public_html/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 67 on top of every WPPM page, and also a message about some config file (WPPM does not tell me which one) not being writeable, making me repeat input about ftp user name and pw, temp/permanent over and over.

    Solution? I saw at WP site ( and more) that I am not the only one having this problem.

  22. I installed as per instructions but I received the following error:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare rmdirr() (previously declared in /home/kelvinw/public_html/journal/wp-plugin-mgr.php:1314) in /home/kelvinw/public_html/journal/wp-content/plugins/wp-theme-mgr.php on line 188

  23. Hi there,
    Afetr installing and activating the PlugIn Manager (1.6), when I gotot Options>WP Plugin Mgr I get the following error:

    Warning: fopen( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized in /home/content/a/n/u/MyUserName/html/wordpress/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 1410

    I have no idea what this is. Site is hosted on Please help. Thanks,


  24. I installed WP 1.5 on a server running PHP in safe mode, which breaks the use of exec() for all practical purposes. There are two places that exec is used. One is to call wget, and is skipped if PHP is built with allow_url_fopen, which it is at my ISP. The other is to call unzip.

    I was able to replace that call with a few lines using Zip.php downloaded from the Pear library Archive_Zip module. Here is what it looked like.

    require_once ‘Zip.php’;

    $zip = new Archive_Zip(realpath($tmp_dir . “/” . kTmpDir . “.zip”));
    if ($zip->extract(Array(‘add_path’=>realpath($tmp_dir))))
    status_msg(“unzipped archive”);
    status_msg(“could not unzip archive”);

    Since Pear was not installed by my ISP, I got Zip.php from the cvs at placed it in the WordPress root directory along with wp-plugin-mgr.php, and commented out the line require ‘PEAR.php’; which is not needed and breaks when Pear is not installed.

    This allowed Plugin Manager to work perfectly even though exec is effectively disabled. I don’t know a workaround if there is no exec and allow_url_fopen is also disabled, but this works great for me.

    Dr. Dave, do you think you could do something to make the exec unzip optional?

  25. Ack, I had a typo in my testing and thought this simpler way didn’t work, but it does. There was a much simpler way to get around the problem with exec() in safe mode. On my ISP’s system, safe_mode_dir is set to ‘.’. By creating a symbolic link in my wordpress directory, the one that contains wp-plugin-mgr.php,

    ln -s /usr/bin/unzip unzip

    then Plugin Manager worked without modification.

    On the other hand, the patch I showed in comment 39 would still be useful for the person whose ISP has disabled exec() completely.

  26. Am a complete newbie to WP. Installed the one-click and it went through the setup process flawlessly, then I did a one-click install and several plugins, went back to my admin page, refreshed, logged in and out, and the plugins have disappeared. A search on the site cannot find them. The plug-in manager claims they’re installed (and is happy to un-install them and a-hem, “install” them again to no avail. Running WP 1.5. Any ideas?

  27. If php_short_tags are off, certain parts are buggy, such as the Filter form, as well as Plugin Manager version display in the TITLE and header. Shouldn’t

  28. Hi!
    I’ve got a problem with your plugin manager, and I hope I’m right here for help. 🙂
    Whenever I install a plugin it works fine (as far as I can say) as long as its files are included by PHP. But as soon as I have to call a file directly (via the address bar in my browser) I get an error: 500 Internal Server error.
    Any ideas why? My host said it might be due to the wrong permissions given to the files installed by the script. It worked when they re-chmod-ed everything to 644. (Only I would appreciate it if the manager actually did this itself.)

  29. Are there any plans to integrate the plugin manager interface into the WordPress Administration Panel? It’d be so much nicer to have it right there rather than have an external page to visit every time. I would love to see this integrated into the Dashboard!

  30. I think I really goofed. I installed the plugin manager, and was checking it out. Now my site is gone. White page. I can’t access anything, even by direct url. Is there a possibility that the manager did this?

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