Plugin Database Update (v. 1.2)

Update:: latest WPPM news are here (doesn’t affect

A new version of WP Plugins Manager with many, many new features…

Website Database

  • A “filter” function (advanced search to come soon).
  • More plugin meta-data and miscellaneous cosmetic changes (One-click installable plugins appear in green now).

A brand new RSS 2 Feed with every updates and new versions, straight from the DB!

But the most important improvements are not visible in the frontend, check out wp-plugin-mgr (temporarily taken offline, see note a the top) for the full experience (if you already installed it, just overwrite the old file with this one)

  • Now keeps track of all installed plugins (including those not in the DB).
  • “Filter” function.
  • Changelogs available for plugins that have been updated.
  • Lots of cosmetic changes and more metadata for each plugin.
  • One-Click Upgrade when a new version is available.
  • More and more plugins available through One-Click install (new options made available to developers make it easier for them).
  • One-Click install support plugin auto-configuration (no need to edit these source files manually anymore).

Read the FAQ for more details.

WP Users: help the DB grow, contact the developers of your favorite plugins and ask them about adding them into the DB (it only takes a few minutes), and recommend they take the extra time to provide a One-Click archive!

A lot fo new stuff for Plugin Developers in the Developer Backend tools:

  • More fields available, miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Added an “Updates” table (not entirely completed yet): currently allows you to provide a changelog when releasing new versions of your plugins.
  • Improved “One-Click Install” options: now lets you easily define a set of preferences that will be asked to the user at install time (no need for him to edit the files). Check out the detailed explanations in the Dev FAQ.

Note to all the WP Plugin Developers: Packaging your plugin to be One-Click installable is really easy, barely requires anything in most case, please take the extra time to do it, as it will ensure many more users are able to try your plugin.

Many more to come (feel free to post suggestions).

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  1. Alright,I know what’s wrong. ANd I know that means I can’t use the plugin manager. I get this error when I try to run it now:

    Fatal Error: Remote file opening disabled on this install of PHP: this plugin cannot properly function.

    My web host recently turned off a specific PHP function for opening remote files. They say for security. Is therea different/better PHP function that can be used for this? I love the plugin manager. Makes my life so much easier and it sucks that I can’t use it.

    But I know it’s a problem on my end and not necessarily something that can be fixed by you. But worth a shot. keep up the great work on this stuff.

  2. A little about Theme Manager and .zip
    I could not install .zip with Theme Manager but .tgz and tar.gz worked. I use Apache2 and PHP5 og FreeBSD 5.3. What i did was this
    Edit wp-theme-mgr.php and change this line
    $cmd = “unzip “;
    $cmd = “/usr/local/bin/unzip “;
    And it work like a charm, hope this will help somone 🙂
    Regards and thanks

  3. I love the idea of this plugin manager, but am having two problems:

    1) the directories that the manager creates have no permissions set to them, so the rest of the script can’t ever access these directories. I have to go in an manually set permissions to 755 and re-run the instilation, which then works just fine.

    2) once the instilation is complete, it never actually moves the main plug in file to the plugin directory, even through there is a message indicating that it has done so. I have to, again, go in manually and move the main PHP to the plugin directory for it to show up.

  4. zaque: it doesn’t use curl, it uses (can’t remember what) but that means that it doesn’t work on Dreamhost hosted sites (they disabled the function I can’t remember but recommend curl).

    Dave: if you ever go about re-working WPPM, could it use curl instead? That’d probably be a pain in the ass (I tried looking at the code and seeing if I could mod it but my php skills are quite rusty) but wit would make DreamHost WordPress users quite the happy little clams.

    thanks for the great plugins!

  5. Lately I’m getting the following error:

    Warning: ini_set(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module’s ini settings at this time. in /home/bookiebo/public_html/blog/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 77

    Thanks for this great piece of software 🙂

  6. Hello!

    I installed the 1.8 version of the plugin and all seemed okay. The I tried to install Gravatar Signup using One Click. I go this message:

    Warning: fopen(wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/crowspea/public_html/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 454
    Fatal Error: Couldn’t write downloaded archive to ‘wp-content/plugin_manager/tmp/’

    I get this message with any plugin I try to install using One Click. Also, the plugin seems to have changed the owner of the WP Plugin Manager directory so I can (a) change permissions or (b) delete the files.

  7. Yes, I found that one out myself. Actually the extension file goes in there but never out. The extension directory is created with dr—-x–t mask (on an earlier experiment with d–xr—-t mask). The error message reads:

    Created plugin data folder (‘wp-content/wp-cc’) in ‘wp-content/’.

    Warning: stat failed for wp-content/wp-cc/wp-cc.php (errno=13 – Permission denied) in /var/www/pmk/technozid/htdocs/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 575

    Warning: Rename failed (Permission denied) in /var/www/pmk/technozid/htdocs/wp-plugin-mgr.php on line 581
    Could not copy ‘wp-cc.php’ to plugin data folder, make sure permissions are set correctly.

  8. People… sorry if I may sound a bit crude, but WPPM is currently off-download and off-support (has been for the past month): the latest version had many things broken, and I simultaneously realized that I just didn’t have the time to take care of it any more.
    Please read the message linked at the top of this post:

    Normally, every single download links have been removed. If you have found a download link on one of my page that still let you download WPPM, please let me know so I can remove it as well.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. Hello,
    Just wondering if anyone could help. I did something stupid and started my blog using a numerical archive system, and now I'd like to change it so that the post title is part of the URL for SEO reasons. Is there any WordPress plugins that anyone knows of that could switch it without sending Googlers to invalid pages? Maybe some sort of redirector to the correct page?


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