Plugin Database Update (v. 1.2)

Update:: latest WPPM news are here (doesn’t affect

A new version of WP Plugins Manager with many, many new features…

Website Database

  • A “filter” function (advanced search to come soon).
  • More plugin meta-data and miscellaneous cosmetic changes (One-click installable plugins appear in green now).

A brand new RSS 2 Feed with every updates and new versions, straight from the DB!

But the most important improvements are not visible in the frontend, check out wp-plugin-mgr (temporarily taken offline, see note a the top) for the full experience (if you already installed it, just overwrite the old file with this one)

  • Now keeps track of all installed plugins (including those not in the DB).
  • “Filter” function.
  • Changelogs available for plugins that have been updated.
  • Lots of cosmetic changes and more metadata for each plugin.
  • One-Click Upgrade when a new version is available.
  • More and more plugins available through One-Click install (new options made available to developers make it easier for them).
  • One-Click install support plugin auto-configuration (no need to edit these source files manually anymore).

Read the FAQ for more details.

WP Users: help the DB grow, contact the developers of your favorite plugins and ask them about adding them into the DB (it only takes a few minutes), and recommend they take the extra time to provide a One-Click archive!

A lot fo new stuff for Plugin Developers in the Developer Backend tools:

  • More fields available, miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Added an “Updates” table (not entirely completed yet): currently allows you to provide a changelog when releasing new versions of your plugins.
  • Improved “One-Click Install” options: now lets you easily define a set of preferences that will be asked to the user at install time (no need for him to edit the files). Check out the detailed explanations in the Dev FAQ.

Note to all the WP Plugin Developers: Packaging your plugin to be One-Click installable is really easy, barely requires anything in most case, please take the extra time to do it, as it will ensure many more users are able to try your plugin.

Many more to come (feel free to post suggestions).