Japanese Supermarket Considerations

  • Revenge of the obāchans

    It is pretty much Dawn of the Dead‘s aftermath out there (after the zombies have won). I guess only 70 year old grandmas and sleep-dephased gaijins go shop on a tuesday afternoon.

  • Sid, if you only knew what they did to you…

    There is no such thing as a music track unfit for supermarket PA in Japan. Of course, it needs undergoing a heavy process of musical mutilation first.
    I am puzzled at the mere thought of that guy out there with a cheap Casio synthesizer who spends his days re-recording any song he can put his hands on, ensuring it is first emptied of anything that could even remotely be called “musical essence”. Apparently that guy thinks that Mozart’s K. 219, Staying Alive and Anarchy in the UK all have the same potential for easy-listening adaptation.
    I might one day beg the supermarket manager to let me make a copy of their CD… unless there is some radio station that broadcast that. Need to find out.

  • Do We really need to have the fresh octopi tentacles on display, next to yoghurts and beer?

    Not that they don’t look appetizing or anything.

  • Anything else with that slice of watermelon and this single tomato?

    Should I be somewhat worried that I do not even think twice about buying 4 tomatoes for 5 bucks (actually, I think “cheaaap!”) or do not blink in front of the $80 watermelon any longer…

  • I really do appreciate your concerns over the fact that I am missing out on that tremendous 1% saving (not exaggerating: I did the math) by declining to fill the supermarket discount card application form. Really, I do.

    But do we have to go through this every single time?

  • Likewise, I do appreciate your concerns for the environment…

    But do you think it would be too much to ask that I be alloted more than one single plastic bag to put all my weekly groceries? No need to look at me like I strangle baby seals with my bare hands during week-ends, when I meekly ask for an extra bag.
    I mean, it’s not like I’m the one who decides that every item of food must be wrapped in at least ten layers of miscellaneous materials before being sold here. I’m not the maniac who suggested individually wrapping each freaking piece of chocolate inside the already thrice-wrapped (plastic+paper+foil) unconscionably expensive chocolate bars you sell.

  • Housewives of Japan: Looking for the perfect gift for your loving salaryman of a husband?

    Three words: Kirin Beer Giftpack (think local equivalent to an hypothetical MGD Twelve-Pack Giftbox).
    Nothing says “I love you” like six cans of standard-issue beer in a gift-wrapped carton box.


  1. Those supermarket music tracks are hilarious, aren’t they? Japanese people don’t seem to find it odd to listen to Snoop Dog whilst shopping for dinner.

    I’ve got the opposite problem with bags at my local super, though… they always give me way too many!

  2. Snoop Dog would only be slighty odd… Snoop Dog adapted in a neurasthenic easy-listening way with some cheap cha-cha-cha synthesizer beat: that makes it Twilight Zone-odd…
    Bags: yea, it probably depends… though I’ve tend to notice they are quite reticent to give you more than the very minimum in most supermarkets (the one where they do not bag your stuff, at least). Bah, I can live with that…

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