I hate hairdressers


he practically shaved the sides into oblivion, then proceeded to give me the worst farmboy hairdo this side of Kentucky…
arg. time to go grab the electric shaver.


  1. Hey! The first site that came up after I Googled “I hate hairdressers” happened to be this one.
    OMG. A “hairdresser” (and I put that in quotations for a reason) attempted to do a blonde weave on my hair today around noon and turned my hair this grayish/ purple/ blue/ sewage/ blonde color. BUT..I didn’t freak out. Instead I looked her in the eye after she tryed to cover up what she did and calmly asked her if she had a damn good razor. Then, she started to cry and couldn’t figure out what she had done to make such a hideos color. I then grabbed my purse and ran to the nearest hat shop. On the way, I’m sure there was many a snicker from passerbys..However, I bought a pink Red Sox baseball cap and stuffed my drippy sewage colored hair in it and quick as possible. Right then and there I made the decision that I was going to shave my head. My friend did it for me, after I hacked off my hair with some sewing scissors. Needless to say, I unfortunetly can’t donate the hair to cancer patients. LoL…I feel pretty liberated right now typing with no hair. I’ll never have to worry about my hair for another year practically! So yeah I just had to tell you my little story for another fellow hairdresser hater. Late.

  2. Getting your hair done right is all about communication. It’s really important that you, the consumer, communicates very clearly about what you want. Sometimes, that is not enough. Brining in photos of your expectations is also helpful. Finally, never, never, never, let a hairdresser turn you away from the mirror. Use that mirror to question the hairdresser, redirect them and even stop them before your hair gets out of hand.

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