Chicago jazzman Oscar Brown Jr. died last Sunday.

He wasn’t perhaps sitting at the top of my personal pantheon of Jazz, but one of his track most definitely is.

But I was cool has to be the most hilariously infectious tune ever howled by a talented musician this side of the Funk belt, and the only way you should spend your next 2 minutes 55 seconds.

And until my bandwidth freezes over, or the vindicative Gods of Copyrighted Music kick me in the karma nuts, I’m gonna put the track for download on my server: please be nice and buy the album, it is well worth it. The trial sample is right here.

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How do you do when you completely and unabashedly forgot an ex’s birthday? With no valid excuse whatsoever, if only a very busy day and a genetic inability to remember dates correctly (I swear I thought it was tomorrow). And don’t tell me suck it up, apologize and get a nice gift: she’s quite the vindicative type too. After all, she made sure to wait until the following morning at 8am to inform me that I was officially an arsehole… you know, just making sure I had no wiggle room for white lies…

Which brings me to the problem of my day so far: what to do…

Which you probably do not give a rat’s ass about. And truthfully, who am I to blame you.

But let’s not ruin the mood. I guess we’ll just have to double the usual morning tequila sunrise and consider our quota for public humiliations and shameful exposures fulfilled for the whole month. And that’s always a good thing: you don’t really want to stock up on past dues for these kind of quota.

Cue mandatory sakura blossom speech.

Everybody will have, by now, noticed that the sakura blossom is upon us. At least I know I have. But I would have little excuse, seeing how every other street in my neighbourhood instantly turned a rosy white color and I no longer see my breath upon waking up (which means either one of two things: my new toothpaste is working much better than the previous one. Or it’s getting warmer). That, and also half the trains on the Yamanote have been busy giving day-by-day updates about the state of the sakura front (unlike, say, some people who could have at least hinted that there was an important upcoming date, last time we talked).

There are basically two schools of hanamist:

Some will defend the inscrutable beauty and zen symbolism of the spectacle, and take comfort in their ephemeral regularity, seemingly changeless, yet each time unique. Those people, particularly the gaijin among them, will tend to grow copious amount of facial hair and put on traditional samurai armors to charge at locomotives on their horse, thus ensuring an edifying finale where they can get a last dying glimpse at the sakuras down below, before heading out for the land of their ancestors.

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Picture amanis_bar.jpgPicture amanis_corner.jpgPicture amanis_miror.jpg

If I tell you the place is really gorgeous, unusually classy for Roppogi (that is to say: doesn’t look like Roppongi much), will be filled with cool people and feature a jazz ensemble and some smooth beats courtesy of yours truly (the beats, not the ensemble…) you should already have more than enough reasons to come see me tonight at Cafe Amanis.

But just to make sure, I shall also add that there will be an Open Bar (yea, that means free booze) tonight (28th) from 6 to 9… Still cheap after, but it will probably be too late to catch up with the heavily inebriated crowd by then.

If your wage-slave hours do not allow you the slightest bit of fun on a weekday, then you can still come check out the place with the mere mortals, on Friday (29th), Saturday (30th) or Sunday (31st): I’ll be there, along with heaps of drunken people wearing silly outfits.

As an extra bonus, you might get to see me in my special Halloween leopard-print g-string costume.

Keitai PictureKeitai Picture

I guess now is a good time to let you know that tomorrow night is Candy II: Still Happening, in other words, the second installment of what has by now clearly been established as Tokyo’s best party of the Summer.

As it turns out, it’s also Justine’s birthday party, and Carl’s, and Hama’s, and half a dozen other people. So if you’ve not heard of it yet, it’s probably because you just don’t know the people that matter in this city. Or maybe because the only one you know is a lazy sod who’s posting that announcement exactly 24 hours ahead of time.

Anyway, I’m told it will be quite fun, and happening early on, so show up early. I, myself, will be deserting the place at 11:30: there’s some really cool outdoor party in Chiba that same night and, quite frankly, between: 1) hearing myself playing sober in a fashionable bar and 2) dancing to ear-splittingly aggresive progressive house on a beach with my head full of substances, there’s nary a choice there.
Nah, I’m just kidding (especially about the substances, mom)… it’s just that, with Atsushi, Hako and everybody else, we’d been planning to go a long time ago, and anyway, Candy should be an early night affair.

All right people, so I shall expect to see you tomorrow 8:30 sharp in Shibuya. See flyer for details and don’t bug me: I know it’s exactly the same freakin’ one as last month… blah.

Oh, did I say it was free (as in beer and love)? well it is.

Just a small party announcement to tell you that tonight I’ll be playing at Bar Tokyo for their closing party.
Komei was told two weeks ago by the owner that the lease wasn’t gonna be renewed and this week-end is their last one before inventory and handing the keys back.

Bar Tokyo was one of the only enjoyable place in that massive suckage that is Roppongi, one where I could still stand to set a foot despite my general hatred of all things roppongi… unfortunately its being gone only goes in the overall direction taken by the neighbourhood (more suckage, if that is even humanly possible).

Anyway, Ian, Atsushi and myself will be playing there all night… making sure to leave on a high note! so if you are around, feel like getting down tonight, come by and say hi: there will be great fun to be had no matter what.

Bar Tokyo is located on Roppongi Crossing, 6F of the bookstore building across from Almond and the Koban (round the corner from 1st Kitchen)

Yet Another Party Announcement

If these upcoming party announcements are becoming a bit monotonous for you, that’s because they are, believe me… So this is the last one, I promise, and precisely to tell you where Party Notices will be posted from now on.

Let me introduce our brand new NativeTokyo page (that is, until we get launched). For now, it contains details for two parties in May:

  • Candy in Shibuya on Friday, May 21st
  • Free Day Party in Yoyogi Park on Sunday, May 23rd
  • you there!

    Picture yoyogi01.jpg Here it is at last. I just finished a first version of the flash flyer for our May 23rd Party in Yoyogi koen.

    This flash anim is definitely not a work of art. There are many things I am not quite happy with, and I kind of botched the sound editing. But this will have to do, as I’m a tad busy trying to ingurgitate a few hundred nasty pages of applied mathematics and quantum mechanics in time for next month’s finals. All this, naturally, on top of my regular full time job and musical activities.

    The skinny:

  • Music will definitely be on the house side, with a pretty wide range of deep, funky and latino beats, maybe some electro and probably a bit of progressive (though not before later in the evening) along with other old school stuff to cap the evening. Overall, definitely of the easy-to-groove on variety, and most definitely NOT trance.
    In fact the subtitle to this party could very well be “NaTP – Not a Trance Party“… ’cause there won’t be an inch of it… got enough of that around there.
  • The spot is really damn cool: in the middle of the trees, a bit secluded. Nothing to do with the concrete area in front of the NHK building where the trance parties take place.
  • We’ll be there before noon and probably start actually playing around 2pm. No actual plan to stop it at any set time. Will depends heavily on conditions. But it should go at least past sunset.
  • More details soon enough, along with a map. Send me a note if you wanna receive an update.


    Here is the flyer I just finished for a party we’ll be throwing at the end of the month (Friday, the 21st)…

    Will update with details later