Yoyogi Park Party

Picture yoyogi01.jpg Here it is at last. I just finished a first version of the flash flyer for our May 23rd Party in Yoyogi koen.

This flash anim is definitely not a work of art. There are many things I am not quite happy with, and I kind of botched the sound editing. But this will have to do, as I’m a tad busy trying to ingurgitate a few hundred nasty pages of applied mathematics and quantum mechanics in time for next month’s finals. All this, naturally, on top of my regular full time job and musical activities.

The skinny:

  • Music will definitely be on the house side, with a pretty wide range of deep, funky and latino beats, maybe some electro and probably a bit of progressive (though not before later in the evening) along with other old school stuff to cap the evening. Overall, definitely of the easy-to-groove on variety, and most definitely NOT trance.
    In fact the subtitle to this party could very well be “NaTP – Not a Trance Party“… ’cause there won’t be an inch of it… got enough of that around there.
  • The spot is really damn cool: in the middle of the trees, a bit secluded. Nothing to do with the concrete area in front of the NHK building where the trance parties take place.
  • We’ll be there before noon and probably start actually playing around 2pm. No actual plan to stop it at any set time. Will depends heavily on conditions. But it should go at least past sunset.
  • More details soon enough, along with a map. Send me a note if you wanna receive an update.