Bar Tokyo’s Closing Party

Just a small party announcement to tell you that tonight I’ll be playing at Bar Tokyo for their closing party.
Komei was told two weeks ago by the owner that the lease wasn’t gonna be renewed and this week-end is their last one before inventory and handing the keys back.

Bar Tokyo was one of the only enjoyable place in that massive suckage that is Roppongi, one where I could still stand to set a foot despite my general hatred of all things roppongi… unfortunately its being gone only goes in the overall direction taken by the neighbourhood (more suckage, if that is even humanly possible).

Anyway, Ian, Atsushi and myself will be playing there all night… making sure to leave on a high note! so if you are around, feel like getting down tonight, come by and say hi: there will be great fun to be had no matter what.

Bar Tokyo is located on Roppongi Crossing, 6F of the bookstore building across from Almond and the Koban (round the corner from 1st Kitchen)

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  1. Hey…I was at Bar Tokyo in 2002. Sorry to hear it closed. By any chance do you have any photos of the bar? I never brought my camera and wanted to remember it. Thanks a bunch.

    Peace, Hansa

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