Anybody in charge of that Web 2.0 thing?

I feel it’s time I tell you about my business plan for

This time around, we’ll be using AJAX and RSS technologies. You won’t have to reload a single page to order your dog food. Just. Brilliant.

Please send your contributions to the first round of funding via Paypal.

Let Z be a euclidean space of dimension equal to or less than your house, let X be the finite set of all razor handles you can extract from Z.

We can postulate there exists an infinite number of mountable razor blades within Z and not a single one of them will fit your fucking handles.

Extension of Z to the bathroom aisle of your local supermarket is left as a trivial exercise to the reader.

Found my entire tie rack behind the couch where it had fallen two months ago.

Never quite bought this whole “necktie-eating monster” explanation anyway…