Web Two Zeros

Anybody in charge of that Web 2.0 thing?

I feel it’s time I tell you about my business plan for http://p.et/s.

This time around, we’ll be using AJAX and RSS technologies. You won’t have to reload a single page to order your dog food. Just. Brilliant.

Please send your contributions to the first round of funding via Paypal.


  1. dude,

    web 2.0 is not about sales, it’s about supply … of citizen-contributed assets … if http://p.et/s employs “@home agents” who voluntarily inventory and then deliver pet-food to their neighbors … you may be onto something … if your plan was to try ship dog-food from 3 huge warehouses, you just don’t get it … I fear the latter


  2. Oh, but I so do get it.

    Puny “@home agents”? ha!

    We will have nothing less than a complete synergy of pet-food-buying user experience technologies: total vertical integration of the pet supply paradigm. We will monetize this breakthrough technological concept in no time.

    Time to think outside the box!

    (I win)

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