Web Two Zeros

Anybody in charge of that Web 2.0 thing?

I feel it’s time I tell you about my business plan for http://p.et/s.

This time around, we’ll be using AJAX and RSS technologies. You won’t have to reload a single page to order your dog food. Just. Brilliant.

Please send your contributions to the first round of funding via Paypal.

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  1. dude,

    web 2.0 is not about sales, it’s about supply … of citizen-contributed assets … if http://p.et/s employs “@home agents” who voluntarily inventory and then deliver pet-food to their neighbors … you may be onto something … if your plan was to try ship dog-food from 3 huge warehouses, you just don’t get it … I fear the latter


  2. Oh, but I so do get it.

    Puny “@home agents”? ha!

    We will have nothing less than a complete synergy of pet-food-buying user experience technologies: total vertical integration of the pet supply paradigm. We will monetize this breakthrough technological concept in no time.

    Time to think outside the box!

    (I win)

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