Please click here and kiss (depending on availability and by order of preference):

  • Closest human being.
  • Closest household pet.
  • Computer screen.
  • Mouth of that gallon-sized bottle of vodka sitting on your desk.

And if you feel lonely and dejected tonight, rest assured that Baby Jesus still loves you, even if he is currently too busy splurging on caviar and stuffed turkey to tell you in person.

Note: If technology doesn’t fail me, this should automatically post at exactly 11:59pm Western European Time… By which time I should long be passed out drunk under the family christmas tree.

Ever feel some weeks like Kafka is busy writing the story of your life?

Well, he died of a stroke mid-sentence yesterday morning. It seems A. J. Cronin has taken over the writing gig for now (Zola will be contributing, on the family scenes).

Can’t say I will miss Franz…

I already expressed in the past my thoughts on hot-linkers

I don’t think I need to go over the vast insignificance of script-kiddies: they rank somewhere between leeches and mono-cellular organisms in the general scheme of Internet things. Actually more like irritating little flies or mosquitoes…. Mosquitoes with really, really small penises and a need to overcompensate for it.

But to be both a script-kiddy defacer and a hotlinker…

That just begs for me to take 10 minutes off my very busy moving day and go the extra-mile in moronic-hot-linking prevention:

[Before] [After]

Do you feel it too?

This warm and fuzzy feeling of well being all over your body, the sensation you are constantly swimming through mellifluous pink cotton clouds, this uncanny inclination toward benevolence and understanding when confronted to the vast dumbness of this world…

It’s seasonal…

Yep: cough-syrup season is upon us!

Party tidbit from years ago…

dr Dave: – You know: Pandas…
About that whole “nearly-extinct-but-won’t-fuck-behind-bars” problem…
I wonder… What if you just fed the pandas a few E’s?

Brian: – Bah… They’d probably just go into a corner and pet their own fur for hours.

I made a staggering discovery today.

Did you know that if you iron your shirts while still damp: on top of drying faster, it also presses them better?!?

Crazy stuff, I tell you.

A feminine presence is dearly lacking in this household at the moment (I kid, I kid… don’t kick my incompetent chauvinist male pig’s ass).