My Plans for Winter

Since we all know how tiresome the meteorological insights of a stranger leaving thousands of miles away can be, I’ll try to be brief and promise you it’s the last time I mention the topic for the season (ok, maybe once or twice more, but really, I’ll make an effort). Allow me to state publicly:

I hate winters.

I hate cold winters.

I hate rainy cold winters.

I hate Japanese ill-designed house insulation… or complete absence thereof.

Something has to be done.

Taking my cues on the Animal kingdom, I am currently considering my two main alternatives: migration or hibernation.

Unfortunately, hoping on a plane to Thailand is gonna be tough, seing as I’m little more than a shriveled coughing ball of sweat and phlegm at the moment. I’d probably be considered a health hazard even for the most avian flu-hardened of Thai poultry.

Remains the other option: digging a hole in my garden deep enough to fit me along with a few months supply of oyu-wari shochu and rum, and only come out with the first days of Spring. But there again, my health condition, along with stupid matters of good neighbouring behaviours have so far put a hold to this plan.

I shall therefore do with the next best treatment modern science can offer: hourly cough medicine washed down with a grog, only leaving the kotatsu to refill the rum flask… Might keep with that plan for the rest of Winter, actually.
風邪を引いた。冷たい〜ょ 😥


  1. Come over to mine and I will cook you a warm and hearty stew to keep you through Winter…. (That is unless I inadvertantly kill you from salmonella exposure… )

  2. Well, I was highly contagious and not very sociable (rather hazy from medications and alcohol conjugated) lately. I’m better now, but will definitely come for the stew nonetheless 🙂

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