“Ah, you must be Mr Gaijin-san”

You know you are in Japan when…
you show up to renew your Kyodai ID and a staff you’ve never met before immediately pulls it out of a stack of 300 identical cards, before you had a chance to give your name.

Yea: not a lot of whities in my faculty.

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  1. For being a whitie American and being in Kyoto I must say I was treated very nice by the subway officials . There was once incident were I had lost a monthly subway pass. I was too slow to take the pass out of the ticket machine. The machine then swallowed my pass. Over the phone my girlfriend told me to tell the guy that worked there. I kinda laughed thinking to myself there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Arizona I am going to get it back. I then hesitatingly asked a worker and showed him my passport. He rode a bicycle to the machine and retrieved my monthly pass! What a county!

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