WP-plugins.net domain name for sale!

Update: Sold.

In the last installment of our Boring Geek Updates™ series for the year and as part of my general strategy of complete WordPress disengagement, I finally decided to do something with that long-neglected pet project of mine: WP-plugins.net

Namely: sell it.

As you can tell from the ‘beta’ sign and the outdated reference to an ongoing update process, to be completed ‘any time now’, this site has long shifted out of my personal field of interests. Don’t really have the motivation, definitely don’t have the time.

But, maybe you do!

If so, now is the time to make me an offer.

In a nutshell:

  1. For whatever price you pay, you get: full control of wp-plugins.net (I’ll have it transfered to your registrar), all the code that sits on it and currently powers both frontend and backend, plus the entire plugin database.
  2. What you won’t get: hosting (you gotta have your own server), full ownership of the code (some of it is already GPL’ed, so I can’t do anything about it, but you can still use it however you like) and I will most likely remove all plugin authors’ email information from the database, unless you can make a compelling case for me not to.
  3. I would like it if: you have plans for the site that involve a certain continuity with the existing service. Whether you keep the entire thing as is and just maintain it or entirely overhaul it with new and exciting features, I’d just like to be sure this domain doesn’t become a cybersquat in a month or two. Basically, if you can prove some loose level of involvement with the WP development community (really: anything will do… You are not interviewing for a job here), I’ll be much more likely to take your offer into consideration.
  4. I have frankly no idea how much this domain/site should go for. Which is why I’m asking you to send me an offer, by email (update: domain sold, please do not contact me about it), with whatever amount you think fair (along with a two-line plan of what you intend to do with it, see above). For reference, just note that I have routinely gotten (and declined) offers for advertising deals running about $1000/year… Which pretty much sets a starting price (but then again, make a convincing case if you can’t afford that much and maybe the spirit of christmas will overcome me and I’ll let it go for less than that for a good cause).
  5. Update 12/19:

    • Credits: whatever you do with the domain (as said previously: hopefully something for the common good), I would appreciate credit (name + link anywhere on the site will do). Then again, if you have a strong case not to, just take it to me and we’ll see: this is a “would like”, not a “must”… Either way, please let me know.
    • Deadline: I’ll accept email offers until Monday 8pm GMT. At which time I might contact a few of you for additional information or clarifications on your plan, then let everybody know shortly afterward.

    Anyway, all interested parties please send your short and honest offers to the following address: wpplugins4sale@gmail.com.

    Thank you and happy eggnog-drinking binge!

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  1. How much did the site go for? I’ve got a similar site in terms of popularity but no idea how to price it.

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