Room Wanted in Tokyo

Because I just don’t use this blog enough for my own self-serving interests (please ignore all 1,182 past entries full of pointless navel-gazing, when considering this statement), I thought I’d post a short blurb here regarding my quest for some living quarters in Tokyo for the Summer:

I am looking for rooming options (sublet/flat-sharing/nice-blue-tarp-in-Yoyogi…) in Tokyo, involving some amount of pre-furnishing (the more the better), starting roughly now and until mid-September.

Location-wise: anything within reasonable distance of a subway/train station is eligible for consideration. Bonus points for biking distance (less than 30 mins.) to Shinjuku/Shibuya or other West-Tokyo hubs, Extra Bonus points for quick access to my work in Jimbocho (no more than one change is a must, but that’s pretty much 80% of all Tokyo stations).

Situation-wise: as long as your homicidal schizophrenia is medicated and your pet hyena on a leash, we can negotiate on the rest. I guess a bit of common sense and mutual respect (if it’s a flat-sharing arrangement) would probably help too. As for me: I am fairly easy-going, social but way past my teenage party-animal days, gainfully employed during the day and possibly less annoying in person than this page may lead one to think.
Also: I don’t smoke, bathe daily and can probably relinquish my meat-eater’s morning bacon addiction for the perfect place. Furthermore, my mastering of weather-conversational Japanese and world-renowned trash-sorting abilities should make me a hit with all your nosy obāchan neighbours/landlord.

Money-wise: I can afford market-rate on any of the aforementioned options, but since it is money coming from my own pocket, I’d just as well not go for those laughably overpriced expat dwellings. 120k seems a fair upper-bound given my search criteria (that’s an upper-bound, and definitely not what I’ll be paying for a 2-tatami flatmate option in Saitama).

Best way to contact me is by email, to zedrdave[at] Feel free to pass this on to your friends.

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