Trimming my life…

  • Stuff I emptied out from my apartment: 56 sq. meters’ worth of furniture, art, daily life crap and assorted paraphernalia.
  • Stuff I still owned after distributing everything else to friends, family and random strangers: 6 small boxes (books and some clothes).
  • Stuff actually in my possession and not currently sitting in a basement until I have a home again someday: 1 suitcase.

The first metric tonne is always the hardest to part with… After that it just comes off naturally.


  1. I hope, wait no, I am sure you’ll have a good time in Tokyo!
    I wish I could go there to meet you… sigh…
    All the best…

  2. Awesome! Thats an incredible effort! But surely you didnt accumulate all that since you moved to Paris from Tokyo? What about those speakers you demolished your all-night-partying-neighbour with back at the start?

  3. hern42: thanks, I think I will… And if you happen by here anyway during the Summer, I may even have a guest futon 😉

    j-ster: oh no. In fact, I accumulated close to nothing during that last bout of residence (having gone the exact same weeding process 2 or 3 times during the past decade surely helped me weighs the pros and cons in acquiring any new object)… This time though, I had to get rid of an entire, fully furnished, apartment. Which involved both a dozen crates worth of crap I recently had to get out of the Cambridge storage where they were sitting (completely coincidental timing) and several tonnes of antique furniture. Truth be told, I probably didn’t have to wipe it all out, it’s just a choice I made… and should make any further decisions about my life that much easier to take.

    As for the speakers and amp (good memory btw :-P), I decided to keep ’em at the last minute. At least until September. I leased them to a friend and, when I pop by Paris again in Sept (to defend my MSc. thesis), will figure out whether they shall follow me to wherever I’m headed or just stay with her. If chances has it and I end up living within a 2000 miles radius from Paris, I definitely don’t want to have to go through the same hoops to get my mewsik going again…

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