Pet peeve of the day…

Programmers who can’t spell…

Dear unknown person who produced this unspeakably awful batch of code I have to work with:

While I realize your first language is not English, and even though I have my doubts about your French spelling abilities for that matter, could you please make an effort and not spell it ‘avaliable’ in a few hundred files and templates?

I know the code works all the same. It just bugs the hell out of me.


  1. Yes I agree with you, the spelling of some coders is miserable.
    I guess this might be somehow related to the fact that coders have to deal with artificial languages, instead of the organic ones.

    Thank you for tharing your thoughts with me !

  2. perl -pi -e “s#avaliable#available#g” *

    btw, thanks a lot for spam karma – it /just works/!

    btw^2 – the “about” link in your menu doesn’t do anything (firefox, linux)

  3. Kae

    Trust me, we did peruse the power of perl -pi -e on this project, oh yes we did (welcome to a world where each variable is spelt about 20 different ways in the same file across functions). Problems arise when you got to deal, on top of that, with multiple files, file names and even SQL table names, spread across a couple servers.

    Thanks for reporting the ‘about’ link problem. I think it works, but you may need to wait (a while) until the page is fully loaded. The issue seems to lie with some pieces of script taking forever to load (need to look into that) and thus preventing the JS function from being loaded. Of course, if you have JS disabled, everything’s broke. Yep. Gotta look into a failsafe someday.

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