Location, location, location…

To the attention of the shopkeeper who has repeatedly been trying to shortchange me during my lunch pause:


Either you are in good faith, and truly unable to count up to 20 euros without getting it wrong more than 60% of the time.
In which case, I would strongly advise for a career change.


You are just another average money-grubbing lowlife trying to improve his profits and survive in the dog-eat-dog world of small businesses by less than commandable means.
And I would then have to question the wisdom of running such a trade across the street from one of Paris’ major universities, specializing in Science and Mathematics.

If anything, I feel a bit insulted.

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  1. Eh? My problem is with the cashiers in restaurants. There is absolutely no problem when I pay by card. However, when I pay by cash, it amazes me to no end that they can give me $3 worth of change in coins! If they expected me to leave the coins as tips for them, well, they’re wrong. I ALREADY paid for a 10% service charge PLUS other taxes. So there.
    Although I admit I’d be more willing to tip if they didn’t try to pull such a sneaky trick.

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