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You know, Love is a fucking Gipsy kid… We are all gypsies come from afar, after all…

And if you don’t love me, dear reader, know that I dearly, dearly love you. and beware.
You know, when he holds me in his arms and whispers to me, it does something to me. That love, mysterious, unattainable, the torment and delight of my heart… Just like when they sifted sand together on the beach, how she shook her bottom, how Chan Chan was turned on…
I saw her again the other night: it’d been such a long time. I got drunk listening to her and woke up to her kisses on my forehead. And she screamed out kicking on her side and said: j’ai perdu les pédales… Everybody knows that’s how it goes, that you live forever when you’ve done a line or two, that nothing’s ever safe: your strengths, your weaknesses… stand arms wide open in embrace: your shadow’s just a cross. There’s no happy love ending…

Dunno what this means, why I’m so sad, kind of like a dream from ancient times. Oh, Lord have mercy…


  1. Ha! at last!
    I thought nobody would ever pick up any of it… ok, now there’s only a meager dozen or so songs to identify (the Cohen one was, btw, the easiest by a stretch, but still a favorite of mine too)… I’ll post the detailed rules and the prize (yes, there is a prize) tomorrow when I have a sec…

  2. Well, I’ll give part of my answer, keeping one under the arm to avoid smart guys.

    So, I found so far :

    La Traviata – Verdi
    Chan chan – Buena Vista Social Club
    La vie en rose – Edith Piaf
    Everbody knows – Leonard Cohen (thanks Helen).

    I found another french song.
    Maybe that’ll help others to thnk about this riddle.

  3. Mactuitui said:
    La Traviata – Verdi
    Chan chan – Buena Vista Social Club
    La vie en rose – Edith Piaf
    Everbody knows – Leonard Cohen

    Yep and U can add

    Joy division – She’s Lost Control
    HABANERA – Carmen’s aria from Carmen

    Je te laisse la bouteille cousin 🙂

  4. Damned, if my cousin takes part in that competition, I have to give my last one.

    Vanessa Paradis [or Jeanne Moreau] – Le tourbillon de la vie

    Now I gave everything :]

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