The Most Luxurious Airline in the World

Picture luggage.jpg Now I ask you: are your luggage hand-delivered at home for free, every time you fly on your favorite airline?

Ha. Suckers.

Some people are quick to bash Aeroflot for the most insignificant details (you know, like when two drunk flight attendants start beating up a passenger…), but they always fail to point out the positive.

For example, how many companies are so truly dedicated to the well-being of their long-distance flights passengers that they insure all luggage are directly dispatched at home by qualified airport personnel, free of charge.

I tell you, one quickly gets used to this kind of luxury. Leaving the airport at the end of a 20-hour trip, a small carry-on bag thrown nonchalantly over your shoulder… Once you get a taste of that, you will never consider going back to hoisting that oversize piece of luggage through endless kilometers of metro stations, in a public transportation system that was so obviously designed jointly by representatives of the Parisian taxi driver association and the Committee Against Elevators. It only takes a little bit of getting used to that feeling of lightness when you walk away from the airport on your most casual empty-handed stroll…

Of course, there will always be people ready to whine about the fact that their luggage must stay an extra day in Moscow and that it’s only delivered the following day/week (depending on how many gallons of vodka the Russian personnel has had by the time they receive the company telex)…

But if, at this point, you are still naive enough to leave your toothbrush or anything else than heavy magazines, clothes and duty-free bottles of Vodka in your checked-in bag, you probably should not be flying Aeroflot anyway.

Only one small regret this time: I did not receive anything in Narita similar to the Air France survival kit of last month… which is too bad, as I would have loved to conduct a scientific comparison and find out if the Japanese toiletry kit also comes with a full range of quality skin care products and a condom wrapped in flower prints.

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