US Picture Series: 1. California Views

Posting pictures of clubs and parties would get old really quick. So I probably won’t be putting any, save maybe for a few highlights at the end.

Instead, here is a bunch of miscellaneous pictures, arbitrarily sorted by categories rather than chronological order.

This first batch seems to illustrate the fact that all my friends suddenly decided to move into places with breathtaking views: it’s really hard to tell who’s got the most amazing shot of the City, but here are a few serious contenders.

On the pics, respectively:

  • sunrise at Will’s place
  • some house on 17th (not even the nicest Victorian, but it had gotten a brand new paint job and was just too flashy to miss)
  • view from Matthieu’s Castle in Noe Valley (can I hear anybody say two-level decks…), just behind the park
  • Dolores Park
  • the Mission
  • Bernard and Karen’s place in Woodside
  • Valencia St. (or is it Dolores?)
  • the Embarcadero, in a strikingly Sunset Blvd.-like shot, save for the hordes of stretch-neon-clad joggers.
  • the view from Berni’s new house in Woodside, surrounded by redwood trees (they might not look like it, but these things are actually vertiginously high, probably over a hundred feet).
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