5 Things…

5 Things I did NOT miss about San Francisco:

  • Coping with annoyingly high level of California sun-baked flakiness
  • Nights laboriously spent in living rooms: crowded around the coffee table, doing lines and rehashing same tired club stories
  • A good half of the people on the street: running around, mumbling to themselves and nodding to lamppost, like they’re on crack.
  • The other half: actually on crack and/or clinically insane.
  • Obnoxious people: talking on their cellphone every-fuckin’-where, loud enough to let the whole train know how they “like, so totally hate nancy from accounting” or “what’s his name who did that presentation at the meeting”.
    And the fact I’m in heavy keitai withdrawal myself has really little to do with the incredibly strong urge I have to shove their cell down their throat before rinsing it down with whatever’s left of their starbuck’s chai mocha soy latte.

    5 Things I REALLY missed about San Francisco:

  • The smell of fresh pine wood: in the morning when walking down 17th St.
  • Smoking bowls at friends places: on the fire exit of old Victorian houses.
  • House beats that resolutely stay south of the 130 bpm border: drawing crowds that dance like there’s no tomorrow but stay until tomorrow.
  • Sunday brunch: with mimosas and egg benedict on the patio at Luna Piena
  • Friends: to smoke said bowls and eat sunday brunch with.

    Overall, the Good outweighs the Bad by a wide margin… though it’s good to realize some of the things I’m getting in the bargain by living in Tokyo…

    Now if it only could be the exact same sunny blue skies by the time I return…