Writing to Santa Claus in Japanese

Keitai PictureOnly one thing harder than writing in Japanese: writing a letter in Japanese!

What with the weird structures, required formal expressions and the three thousand rules to follow lest a major cultural faux-pas be made…

I mean, for all I know, I probably misspelled half the kanjis resulting in my letter addressing yutaka’s parents as “most honorable silaginoids” or something like that… So how could I be worrying about the overall level of politeness of my writing.

Talking about that, a Google query for “mispelled” returns an alarming number of matches… and don’t get me started on “inteligent” in personal ads…

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  1. It is enormous. You remember somewhere and increase are high. Nice!
    Are you the human of the country of somewhere?

  2. Upon further inquiry, what Atsushi meant to say with the limited help of some automated translation engine is:
    “it looks like a native’s handwriting…”
    which is awfully nice and flattering, but utterly undeserved (believe me, even 3 year-old Japanese write infinitely better than I do).

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