Back in Tokyo


Arrived last week.
I’m actually living north of Yokohama right now, 30 minutes from the heart of Tokyo by express train…

Tokyo’s much hotter than when I left, tropical summer with some remnant of rain season and apparently a typhoon possibly hitting us this WE.
Otherwise, temperatures are in the higher 80s with a humidity rate so high that dehydration is hardly a risk as long as you open your mouth and breath.
I started looking for a job, which is a much easier task now that I got a visa. Only problem is that right now is more or less general holiday time for all of Japan until the last week of the month, so all my job offers only start in September… Meaning I’ll have to survive on cup noodles and small jobs until then, but it should work out.

We went to Kamakura last week-end, famous for its Daibutsu statue (giant representations of Buddha) and many temples and gardens.
But we skipped the overcrowded tourist attractions, had a picnic in the hills in one of the smaller temple’s garden before heading straight to the beach!
For the first time ever since I arrived, I was able to enjoy the weather and the water by going to the closest decent beach from Tokyo! I was really starting to wonder if the sea still existed around here… It was heaven to chill all afternoon long, take a few dips in the rather warm water and enjoy the scenery…
Afterward, we went and had tea and dinner in the city before catching the last train to Tokyo (about an 80 minute ride): it felt odd escaping the city to spend the day in a kind of Japanese “beach town”. Some parts nearly felt like California: surf shops, tons of little food stands and lotsa people walking back from the beach in swimming suits…
Anyway, we decided we probably would do this again a few times this month and maybe try and check out a few other beaches along the coast.

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