I know the following claim might come off as slightly suspicious, posted at 1:34am and freshly back from drinking in Shinjuku, but… I just saw a tanuki casually crossing the boulevard, two blocks from our house. A freaking tanuki. In the middle of Tokyo.

I would have chalked it up to alcohol and a very weird-looking cat, but the taxi driver was even more categorical that the thing was neither an itachi nor a cat, but indeed a tanuki.

Next week: wild boars in our courtyard.

Work discussion with my boss this morning:

– So, for this project, I think we should use the Cox regression model.
– Yes, let’s go with Cox.
– But the dimension of the data means we will need to adjust the model.
– Right, bigger Cox.
– That could work. Or perhaps smaller input.
– How about multiple Cox with wider input?

Don’t let the title on the door fool you: in my head, I am still in Junior High School.

Can we instigate a rule wherein any internet company with more than 10 users that is found not to be using salted encrypted hashes for their user password database… gets to have its website shut down, servers sold for scrap and entire web development team slowly impaled on sharpened Aeron chairs?

People keep harping on the stupidity of end-users in their choice of passwords, but with proper hashing and salting, even password123 would make a halfway-decent password.