Migrating Species…

Upon latest head count, it would appear that direct family members are:

  • Brother #1: Expecting the great Kanto earthquake from his Tokyo apartment (any day now).
  • Brother #2: Traipsing the Moroccan Desert with his backpack and a donkey.
  • Brother #3: Learning Cantonese pillow talk in Shanghai.
  • Dad: Watching snow melt in Eastern Canuckistan.
  • Mum: Enjoying Lebanon northwestern coast (lovely weather at this time of year), currently deciding between Syria and Cyprus for an emergency evac (wins extra bonus points for Country-on-the-Brink-of-Civil-War).

Honestly, I don’t know what that says about us as a family.


  1. Well we can’t top your family, but my mother is Lithuania after just coming back from Latvia, Greece and Turkey. My father is in the UK after same above trip and my brother and I are here in Tokyo. Nomadic families are cool.

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