Worst. Date. Movie. Ever.

(as the movie we’ve been watching together is rolling its credits…)

Her: [Looks up suggestively and moves hand across bed]

Me: You do realize this is quite possibly the worst pre-coital movie. ever?

Her: [Keeps silent and smiles a wicked toothy smile]

Me: That’s it! stay the hell away from me!!! I’m sleeping on the floor tonight.

(awesome movie, otherwise)

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  1. I remember seeing the trailer a few months ago and thinking “wow I totally have to watch this movie!”. I forgot about it until I read your note… thanks! Now I have to find it 🙂 and watch it … alone!

  2. Yea, all jokes aside, it was a pretty good movie. I was expecting a rather half-baked Z-horror movie (not that there’s anything wrong with these of course) but it turned out to be offer some really witty and thoughtful subtext commentaries about modern day sexual insecurities, particularly in such heavily puritanical and hypocritical societies as the US…

  3. The novel “Dracula” is heavily steeped in a (heavily repressed) of the mouth as vagina — the vampire’s bite being unholy and awefule because the bite is akin to rape. It of course becomes especially terribly when the innocent woman is turned into a whorish demon herself, and stars preying on the _men_….

    I just thought that was relevant because I’ve never seen anything that so perfectly turned that image on its head. From “mouth as vagina” to “vagina as mouth”

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