Sarah came back from Madrid for the week-end and dragged us around for shopping. we compromised on an ice-cream break on top of BHV (a huge department store located in the first arrondissement) with a nice view of the city. The top-floor “tea salon” of BHV is nothing too threatening to tiffany’s or even neiman marcus’, more like a big patch of astroturf and a few benches with an ice-cream stand in the middle. But at least it was way above car exhaust level, which is always appreciable in Paris.
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Harold and Sarah live in le Marais, a district of Paris packed with all kind of cafes and eateries, catering to the diverse crowds traditionally inhabiting this neighbourhood: gay and lesbians on one side, orthodox jews on the other…
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Picture nordine.JPGPicture nordine2.JPG

Met up with a few fellow frenchmen yesterday… went to a small bar in shibuya for a few beers.
Nordine’s new shaved head look was quite reminiscent of a Palestinian militant on the run. Of course, the pose he took for the pictures did not help either…
Anyway, here are the pics (touched up a bit in Photoshop) and I’ve got his address in tokyo, just in case the Mossad is interested.

Picture elenas_party.jpgPicture izakaia5.jpgPicture izakaia8.jpgPicture yuki_cheetah2.jpg

taken with my lovely little digital camera (impossible to whip it out without prompting a strident kawaiiiiii-ne! from every single female in a 10 feet radius)…

Anyway, these are from some small dinner parties at the house last week and a recent outing to some izakaya in Kamata. Elena going back to Brazil, the discovery of a pretty damn good bottle of California red, and the fact we just felt like it, were respectively deemed sufficient reasons for these bouts of partying.

You can see the whole lot here.