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Recorded live the other night: bit shorter than usual (and poorer sound quality: sorry about that).

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We were feeling in quite the 80s mood that night.

As usual, older mixes are over here.

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Life in Tokyo A quick mix put together with a few new productions (and other tracks that I really like these days).

Fans of old school Electro, new school Electro, Deep House and 80s Rock: rejoice, for it is all in there (and more).

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Update [June 1st, 2014]: new, extended, version, with better edits of my tracks.

Older mixes here.

Posted this new mix on SoundCloud a few days ago:

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Detailed tracklisting is unlikely, but in no particular order and with liberal addition of remixing and original productions by yours truly, the keen ear might discern in this mix: Philip Glass, Human League, Sven Väth, the Pixies, Eurythmics1yes, I was in quite the 80s mood that day, Music Go Music2These guys are awesome: check all their stuff, Silicon Soul and a crapload of more recent electro and deep house artists.

All other mixes are still on the Music Page.

A small electro-ish mix, put together over the weekend, while playing with my brand new scs.3m digital mixer (an absolutely brilliant little tool)… Still getting used to the new controller: definitely room for improvement there, but I haven’t recorded or posted anything in ages, so here goes…

Goodbye Horses:
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As usual, all previous mixes are still there. If you like the style of this mix, you might also like this one. If you don’t: sod off there are a lot of other styles on the mix page.

So the mood is not exactly great these days and I’ve been resuming music therapy, as it usually kinda helps.

Tweakin’, mixin’ and producin’ as usual…

See, in my shoes, Ian Curtis would probably have made something awesome, deep and powerful and then proceeded to slit his wrists open…
Me: I mostly wonder what Django Reinhardt would sound like, remixed on a techno beat…
Maybe that’s why I haven’t reached worldwide fame yet.

talking about, I expect the ghost of Ian Curtis to show up any second now and he’s probably quite pissed for what I’ve done to She’s Lost Control during my last bout of inspiration…

Anyway… on a completely different train of thought, I have been brainstorming on how I could make that blog of mine more interesting, given the ludicrous amount of time I have just spent making it prettier.
Posting naked picture of myself daily was considered. and ruled out.
What I wanted was a good reason for my three faithful readers (that includes you, the guy who got here by typing “soccer milfs” in Google) to check that vacuous page more than once a year or when their mouse trips and activate the link by mistake (a very common problem: that happens to me quite often with porn websites, personally). And we all know these pathetic rants of more than dubious literary value sure aren’t much of a reason.
And that’s were the aforementioned music activities come into the picture: I figured it would be cool to post some here on a regular basis. Problem is, I do not have the time nor the motivation to record full-hour mixes very often, especially given my borderline obsessive compulsive nature (did I say “borderline”, sorry, I meant “full-on, clinically recorded”) that compels me to maniacally do a hundred takes until I am either satisfied or passed out from exhaustion (usually the latter).
On the other hand, all kind of complex legal and moral issues bar me from making single tracks available on this site, whether mine or other’s.

Hence, the Mini-Mix of the Day idea…

The skinny:

  • They mostly contain tracks I like or stuff I made, should cover a very wide range and balance styles as much as possible
  • They are not very worked on, mostly a half-dozen tracks hastily cued together and done in one take (or two, if I really fuck up, cf. OCD issue above)
  • There should be some kind of theme running, though I certainly won’t go into details over each one
  • I’ll try to record and upload a new one at least every other day (well, that’s the theory of it, and we all know how theory goes around here)
  • There is definitely a big tongue-firmly-planted-through-cheek factor (cf this first mix). One more reason to stick with a short format, ’cause I can tell it would become old easily over 90 minutes.

And without further ado, the first Mini-Mix-of-the-Day:

Of course, there’s always the old mixes here too.


Update: a full up-to-date list of mixes is available here.

Lest we forget that the gentleman ranting endlessly on these pages actually spends a sizable share of his time lovingly fondling wax and stroking keyboards until harmonious bleeps of satisfaction come out in arpeggios… I added a little something to my online mix repository.

I should probably tell you this is some old mix I recorded 3 years ago and just found yesterday while cleaning up my room… ’cause none of the tracks are any more recent than that: didn’t do that on purpose, it just happened… and I’m not one to shun old tracks just because they are old.

truth be told, I was originally planning to put together a nice & clean new demo with all the shiny new stuff I brought back from my last US incursion. Some sick SF Deep House, loads of funky tribal white labels from Miami and countless other studio experiments courtesy of yours truly and his little robot friends…

So I started playing, garden bay-window wide open, basking in Tokyo’s shining April sun, and completely lost track somewhere amidst the heavy incense fumes.

OK. Maybe I should stop here in order to explain the incense part: I do NOT usually light up sticks of sacred incense every time I’m on the decks… See, the nice part about living right next to a cemetery, beside the fact your neighbours don’t mind the loud music at night, is that, every once in a while, the whole surrounding area is filled by the spiritual smell of dozens of massive incense sticks burning outside of the Buddhist temple. It’s like Benares, without the hundred of corpses floating on the Ganges in an advanced state of decomposition…

Anyway, the warm sunny day, the smell of incense (staple of every freakin’ tree-huggin’ peace-lovin’ Californian househead party, as everybody knows), my overall mellow disposition toward that shitty planet on that very day, all concurred to make me record this.

It’s not very funky, definitely not cutting-edge, not progressive, not loud, not like these at all… but it’s a rather groovy soundtrack to your spring & summer afternoons. It’s got some of my favorite tracks of the decade, along with a few gems straight from the secret stash of Master Dave. It’s mostly deep house, with some chunks of electro, to make sure everybody stays awake. It’s far from perfect and would most definitely call for a second take, but as I said, it’s merely a sidetracked session that came out nice enough. So I ain’t spending more time on it.

I just figured it would be nice to put some new music here and help putting at rest the aching ears of my fans… so here goes:

Dr Dave’s Summer Nostalgia Mix – 2004


PS: I might update this entry later on with a succinct tracklisting if I feel like it.

PPS: I guess now is also a good time to announce officially that we’ll throwing our first Summer Park Party in Yoyogi Koen next Month! On Sunday the 23rd of May, we’ll be bringing decks, groovy beats and good vibes to a lovely little spot inside the Park and playing for whoever cares to come share the afternoon with us. Stay posted for more info or contact me directly.

For boring technical reasons, I need to create individual blog entries for some old contents. Nothing new here: feel free to skip…

First Retrogressive mix, recorded in 2001 with Rakshasa and Arteghem.
Deep and Funky San Francisco sound, some personal productions and old classics.

Fun Fact: 12 years later, Arteghem is currently topping the Progressive House charts (on Beatport).