Picture plume.JPG After a few hours of fiddling with the MT API and playing around in perl and php, I now have a semi-automated picture listing function in my Movable Type install. Which means it will take me considerably less time to add pictures taken with my camera.
When I have 2 seconds, I’ll polish the code and release it for anybody to use (the only advantage over the other plugins already available on MT’s website is that it does not require any exotic server configuration).

it’s really thin
it’s damn slick
and most of all: it’s digital.
Today, I bought my first digital camera. Much cheaper and simpler to use than the old faithfull Lubitel and its 2″1/4 rolls.
And since we are in Japan, the only country where cell phones are cheaper than watermelons, I could even afford it without selling a kidney.
Now I’ll have to resist the urge to indulge in a photographic orgy and keep the amount of pix posted here under a strict control…

Recently inspired by a some really neat blog ideas and new concepts, I decided it was time to give mine a much deserved facelifting and move it away from the last semi-public service I was perusing, onto my ever-growing online empire, using Movable Type.
Among many ambitious (as in “I will do it someday”) projects for this blog, are moblogging, a neat integration of different media and some other things I’ve been brainstorming about lately.
For now, a bit of work on the colors and design as well as the purchase of a digital camera should do…

Much like the previous one(s), this blog is more like a way for others and myself to keep track of what I’m up to and occasionally discuss what’s on my mind… it is not really designed to become a widely publicized account of my mischief… not hiding it either (not much to hide anyway), but due to a total lack of self-censorship here and possible offensive material, I know this won’t be everybody’s cup of tea and do not want to push it unto others.
Which is why there are no links from the main page.

Anyway, feel free to give the url to whoever you think might want to read this.

PS: not yet sure what I’ll do with the previous entries, whether to move them all here, move a small selections of interesting ones (I know that’s cheating, but writing is cheating) or just forget about it… We’ll see.