Zen and the art of computer disassembling…

Picture CIMG0005.JPGPicture CIMG0007.JPG

For the fourth time this year, I had to take apart my venerable albeit quite moody laptop in order to fix it. It’s becoming a tradition.

I don’t know what is more amazing: that I managed to screw and unscrew 40 screws without misplacing a single one, or that not only did I not break anything new, but I even managed to fix the faulty power jack (of course, since it’s the fourth time I have to solder that piece of crap back on its board, there is very little merit to it now).

And believe me, I might know something about how things work on my screen, I definitely don’t have a clue about how it works under my keyboard… so we are really talking about a miracle here.

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