NYE 2013 Preview

Click on the picture to see your face in the full-size version…

Yes, your face is in there1.

For this year’s edition of the perennial NYE collage, Ada & Alan (captured in full holiday season bliss by my very talented cousin) wish you a very warm and fuzzy 2013.

  1. If it isn’t, then we need to meet more often next year, preferably when I have a camera out. []


  1. As usual, couldn’t find my face. But I did spot a kind of down blouse on an orange bra or swim suit.


  2. As usual, you should be in there (although I seem to remember it was a pretty lo-quality one. Should get a better one next time!)
    Any special significance to down blouses on orange bras?

    Happy New Year!

  3. a little late but awesome as usual… I am really impressed by the algorithm, specially at the way it selects the images for the fine edges of the numbers, kanji and paw…

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